Tarot, Mass Consciousness Entity, Reports Data it Focuses Upon;
How Tarot Predicts

Tarot itself reflects what a person is actually thinking at the time that person is handling the Tarot deck. There is no doubt of this: At least one scientist has demonstrated this fact, and you can too. Tarot has become, through human tradition, through years of use, and probably through intelligent design, an entity in mass consciousness that reports data it focuses upon.

Like all entities (You are an entity too!) Tarot has its ways, its processes, its personality. If I am to interact with the Tarot meaningfully, it behooves me (It is in my best interest) to acquaint myself with Tarot's individuality, with its peculiarities. It is not in my best interest to impose my assumptions and my personality and my ways upon Tarot, which is true of almost any relationship I would have with anyone or anything.

Observation is the key to meaningful conversation with Tarot--unbiased 'scientific' observation. Focus is vital, since Tarot reflects, and reflects upon, what it handlers are actually contemplating.

I digress here for two illustrative stories.

The first is a Tarot deck that even years later would say only one thing no matter what: "I WANT A HOME I AM BOSS IN LIKE MY MAMA." A furious and devastated mentally impaired homosexual teenage girl had just learned the also-homosexual young man she was practicing straight sex with was not interested in setting up housekeeping with her so she could move out of her very dominant mother's house. This was the end of that girl's world at that moment, and she fiddled with that Tarot deck for hours, unmoving, numb. The intensity of her experience permanently imprinted her thought upon that deck!

The second story occurs as I am teaching myself Tarot meanings from the deck itself, asking it questions I know the answers to, using the whole deck each time and keeping notes of the meanings of individual cards and of meanings of combinations of cards. This project's purpose was determining Tarot's meanings for Tarot. Several years are invested in the phase of using a whole deck to answer questions I knew the answer to, and writing it all down.

One very sultry South Florida Saturday, I was too warmly dressed when I arose too early in the morning to visit some recently acquired Venus flytraps in my sunny back yard before I went to the Tarot project desk to ask and record the next boring question. When I visited the plants, it was in the hope that one of them had really caught a fly, but that had not happened after all.

When I read the layouts, "Your death wish is granted" was Tarot's report. Over and over Tarot said that, and only that. So...what was I really thinking of when I was handling that Tarot deck? You bet. And, yes, one of the plants had caught a fly!

These stories further illustrate the point the professor made when he demonstrated Tarot is a consistent violator of the Laws of Random Distribution. (See my other articles about this.) Briefly: Over a period of some years, he presented, on the first day of his classes, individuals who did not know what Tarot was, with a new Rider Waite Tarot deck, had them think about the history of the Tarot itself while they selected a certain number of the cards. Seven cards appeared with frequency that impressed him that Tarot is a consistent violator.

In reflecting upon what a person is actually thinking, Tarot is accessing parts of the mind that we call the subconscious and superconscious, parts of the mind that sense patterns and cycles in events and in behavior. Tarot's report includes that material, and that material is predictive.

This is 'How the cards see the future.' A properly trained person can answer psychic questions without using psychic ability, utilizing the Tarot. Of course, he can answer using both Tarot and psychic abilities as well.

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