Starcana Tarotscope content is based on what is sensed per individual card. I don't sugarcoat my interpretations into a picture-perfect fairy tale - because life doesn't really work that way. I include the good, the bad, and the ugly - to allow it to make more sense - in order to find solutions. Enjoy my Sun Sign Tarotscope Happenings - and to deepen the message, you can also read your rising sign. If you were born in the evening, you might feel more connected to reading your Moon sign!

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Ace of Cups Reversed: Happy Birthday lovely Cancer! This month, you will be spending extra time with yourself, ignoring some of the past energies (or individuals) that haven't been very useful in the past weeks. A certain someone from your past could re-enter your life, and you won't be so sure as to how you should feel about this. You might actually find comfort that your emotions are in better control since then, and it's just not that important to you anymore. This could definitely be in your favor as you are looking forward to having some serious summer fun this year! Grab plenty of colors in 'cherry red' to scream excitement! You're ready for a new makeover and you'll be sprucing up your summer fashion, but whatever you'll be doing, you will definitely be splurging some of this extra time and money on you! There is a shift in the air in the next few weeks, and you should start to feel your life changing directions, and getting back to the REAL you. Reconnecting with your own belief system or having a chat with someone who really knows you, could do you a world of good. With your head so full of intriguing ideas - you will need to share some of these personal thoughts with someone close to you - so new thoughts can keep coming to you! Your intuition is extremely strong this month Cancer, and with all that will be keeping you busy - you might not want to take the time to listen to it. Save some quiet time to listen to your own heart, and keep a dream journal by your bedside. Writing down your dream experiences can help add some comfort to the changing weeks ahead, as your inner beauty begins to glow, to match the new and improved you!

LEO (July 23-August 22) Ten of Pentacles Reversed: You'll be reorganizing your lifestyle and your work desk this month Leo. You've been off in many directions lately, where everyone seems to want a little piece of you, which has kept you quite scattered for the typically 'in control' pussycat that you are. Now you are determined to make sense of who you are, where you are headed, and how you are going to get there. During this process, you'll be cleaning out closets, drawers, and filing cabinets, in order to make room for some of these new motivations that you have been thing of! During this domestic clean-up, rather than throwing out items that lost their sparkle - try having a garage sale or advertising on ebay, to make yourself some extra cash for that new piece of emerald jewelry you've had your eye on! You'll also be cleaning up your 'own act' in some way, by either freshening up your beautiful home or redesigning your 'personal style' in order to attract the right opportunities and/or individuals your way. Seriously, if you're going to be treated like royalty, you definitely need to look the part! This royal movement to improve yourself will help bring out your natural shine! It will also help you to grab attention and turn some heads in the work place, if looking for an advancement, new clientele, or a new job. Keep an eye on your spending this month Leo, as you may have a lot more money being with-drawled from your checking account than you planned, with all your 'over the top' enhancements. Use that smart head of yours and try to prioritize, and you will be a lot farther ahead than you originally gave yourself credit for!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Nine of Cups Reversed: Sweet precious Virgo, you may be discouraging yourself (and possibly those around you) with personal doubts and insecurities that you have a tendency to struggle with now and then. You're being somewhat tougher on yourself, and the last thing your bruised soul needs is more reasons to be dissatisfied and frustrated. Your imagination will be 'surfing the big wave' this month, and you will more than likely be creating mountains out of molehills if you don't curb your over-active creativity with some good old fashion logic! You have a practical approach to life, and you don't really have the time to be 'wishing on a star', but without allowing yourself to 'dream', you could be sabotaging yourself to get what you worked hard for. It is truly one's personal choice to believe in miracles or not - so if you are beyond that - then I suggest that you continue to work hard to reach your goals, because if there's anything that you know how to do well, it IS to work hard and reap the gifts. Honesty is the best policy Virgo, and where you may have been ignoring others because of your own doubts, you will need to communicate (and 'come clean') as to what has been really going on with you. Otherwise, you may find friends becoming more by the weeks. Consider doing some personal work with yourself while concentrating on your positive traits for moral support. A mirror with a fancy gold fancy frame could be just the friend you've been looking for!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) King of Pentacles: You're collecting your dues for hard work that had been approached, and completed Libra. You now reap what you've sown, and if you've done the necessary duties, blessings are on their way! If you have slacked, then you shall simply have to wait until the next time around to learn your lesson, to receive such a gift. You should be finding yourself much more content and enjoying your pleasures. You may decide to work harder (or maybe just longer hours) to attain and stabilize this enjoyable form of self-reflection. This of course would only imbalance the vibrations, focusing too much work, and not enough on the relaxation time that you have earned. Sweet rewards will have you concentrating on decorating your home (or possibly your office), making extravagant purchases, to improve and beautify your respected surroundings. A generous individual who has a sense of good taste and respect for well-chosen values, is a strong influence to you this month Libra. This person comes with friendship, good intentions, and the ability to strengthen your own self-respect. Family is also highlighted, and they come to you for help or advice. Someone who is close to you provides you with a small gift. You may receive news of a new addition in someone's life, and possibly receive a memorable silver token that's been part of your family heritage. You've done a beautiful job Libra, and you're back in the game!

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Queen of Cups Reversed: An individual is distracting you from your own favorite past times Scorpio, causing you to be concentrated more on their motions and motivations, rather than on your own. There are possible signs of disloyalty that you may have already sensed about this individual, and you could find yourself slightly obsessed and losing sleep to figure out what is in their shadows. Truth may be hard to attain at this time, as your thinking seems to be consumed with too many emotions flooding the gate, creating an intense haze of confusion. Your intuition may be off, or you're just not trusting yourself enough, like you use to. Take some time away from it all, plan a small trip, so that you can come back with a clear mind. Another route may be to sign up for some interesting classes to bring out your creativity. You seem to have gotten yourself into a slump, blocking your 'in the know'. You could be struggling with feelings of uncertainty, wondering if anyone really cares about what's going on with you. You're just going through the emotions Scorpio, and a movement in your senses is opening up a new vibration. If you can allow these vibes to whisper sweet nothings to you, you could start trusting your gut-feelings before the month is over. Be flexible, open-minded, and the time will soon be right to react on what you discover.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Ten of Cups: Love and happiness comfort you this month, along with your spirituality, or belief system. You've been on one heck of a ride Sagittarius, and where there were only mazes and puzzles - lie answers and resolutions! An end of a cycle is near for you, and you are getting a taste of what it feels like to have a gold medal trophy placed in your hands! You are feeling much better physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - and probably financially too! Love and trust is yours again, and it is safe to start coming out of hiding. You're warming up to those on the outside, who have been waiting for your healing. A group of individuals around your work area share positive vibrations with you, which is just enough support to keep you standing strong, and independent! You find true joy in your work, along with the little family you found (and adopted) in your co-workers, who accept you just the way you are! You feel loved, and you love your life. Both new and old friends are starting to pop into your territory. Your creativity and imagination are bursting like fireworks and you can see past the roadblocks, envisioning real solutions. You are aware of the world you have created, and you are genuinely happy and filled with gratitude and love. It's time to come out and celebrate!

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) The Sun: Good for you Capricorn, you are experiencing the power of change and you truly wear it well! You are closer to reaching the heavens as you strive to release the heavy emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for so long. A new direction has new promises and adventures in store for you this month, and your confidence and bravery are available if you need assistance to where you are going! You are making choices and real closures to 'let by-gones, be by-gones', and it inspires a joy and happiness that you haven't felt in a long time. A tremendous weight is being lifted. You are experiencing a healing, while getting rid of the cobwebs in your heart, and in your mind. While you are typically bonded with materialism of some sort, you could actually find yourself breaking away from all that, which held you captive. By daring to be yourself, you are beginning to realize and understand the real riches of the world. You are wanting to enjoy life again, and for the next few weeks you will be getting some extra elbow-room to create this new road in which you have previously foreseen. In the coming days, you will be 'heading home', possibly returning back to where you left off some months (or years) ago.. but with a stronger self-esteem, and emotions in check. You are wiser now, and you communicate this on several levels. You get a second chance to 'try it again', so be ready to put on your best smile, and put out your best handshake.

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Seven of Wands Reversed: You are extremely clever Aquarius, and you will need to rethink your reasons, for past reactions. Use your gift of logic, and your intuition to look beyond a certain situation that you have struggled with for the past weeks. You don't have to feel 'personally-attacked' or 'overly-protective' of yourself anymore, if you don't want to. Your head may be too high in the clouds, and not seeing certain situations and/or individuals as clearly as you use to. You will be coming back to reality during the next few weeks, to get a real glimpse of what has been truly going on. In the meantime, you could be dealing with some strong worries and doubts. Your stressed mind may be subconsciously making excuses, to avoid your own resistance. You tend to be hard-headed, apologies don't come easy for you, and you aren't giving anyone permission to ruin the life that you have created. Your courage is being called upon this month, to come out from behind your fears, to stand up for what is right. You are not to be intimidated by your uniqueness, but instead, to use it to your advantage to inspire a dream that you have been waiting to happen. Your higher mind is your best friend, who can encourage you to take the honorable approach, to display your true self, and to leave distress and painful mistakes behind.

PISCES (February 19-March 20) Four of Swords Reversed: It's a busy month with many distractions for you dreamy Pisces. There are friends, social groups, family members, and possibly even pets who are needing your lovable attention, and that is always fine with you. There are several areas in your life that you should be concentrating on, but you could be procrastinating and making excuses, to simply avoid the work. Some of these duties that you have put off, will be nagging at tugging at your shirttails, as skip across the field of daisies chasing butterflies. While it's fun to do whatever we feel like doing, we all have our own responsibilities and consequences for our actions. Continuously being unreliable, or not worthy of your 'word', may finally bite you in the butt in the next few weeks, popping your bubble, to bring you light and awareness. This cosmic action will be presented to pull you afloat from tricks of escapism, to put order into your life and your relationships. Your desire for freedom may actually have a better chance of survival in the coming years - if you can balance it with truth and commitment - therefore awakening you to a whole new world outside the bubble you've grown accustomed to. Your mind will have a chance to open and see the world Pisces, and as the water level begins to decrease, truth will be yours!

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Queen of Swords: In the coming weeks, it will be up to you Aries to seek out the much needed information that you have been searching for. You've been feeling stuck, unable to decide on what your next direction shall be. You are actively being introduced to the civilized manner of communicating with others, rather than waiting (impatiently) for their next move. You will be busy researching and collecting many details of your life, and what you want in it. You have grown weary, waiting for others to make decisions. You are taking control of your destiny, making inquiries, asking questions, and making realistic decisions about your own personal path. Others may have a hard time breaking through this new uniform that you have put on, as you appear to be less receptive to the attention they bring you. You seem to be on quite a mission this month as you search for truth. A phone call with some good news arrives, possibly regarding a work situation. Changes in your financial situation are awaiting for your primary attention, with opportunities to improve your status. Investigate scattered thoughts and unsatisfied emotions that concern your current work situation, and make some phone calls, submit applications, to upgrade your condition. Grab the steering wheel - the winds of change are upon you Aries!

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) The Empress Reversed: You may begin to feel as if you are coming up short-changed, when it comes to having true friends this month Taurus. From feelings of being left out in the cold, and/or taking things more personally than needed, you stop giving so freely. You've been giving too much of yourself, and you will be taking some extra time to back off from supplying others with your gifts of love, to spend genuine time and money on yourself. No one gives the way you do Sweet Taurus, and you are really starting to feel the pinch, as you come up empty-handed. You've run out of your own resources. You will experience an odd sense of energy of being pulled in two different directions in the next few weeks, struggling to choose between 'what Taurus wants', and 'what Taurus needs'. You'll be chuckling, thinking "Why can't I have both?' Well because Taurus, when you have both (you basically have it 'all') and you become weighted down with more goodies/responsibilities, creating resentment when you have to take care of it all, with no reinforcement or feedback. Decide on what Taurus needs, and just work with that, to feel weightless again. You may consider taking up some extra courses to refine your skills this month, perhaps a yoga class or some meditation tapes to reprogram your thinking. Get back in touch with nature, start a walking plan. You could a use some fresh air, and you could meet someone along the way that has been going through the same experience as you!

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) The Lovers Reversed: You will be pulled into different directions this month Gemini, and your memories rise immediately to the forefront. During your chosen path, decisions that you made back then, seem to keep you from focusing on tomorrow. You could be re-thinking your life, wondering where your life would have taken you if you chose the alternative. An ongoing relationship with someone you have in your life now, might be wearing you thin, possibly because you are pulling more of the weight. A mental vacation hits the spot to bring your vibrancy back to life! Rest and relaxation to nurture your mind, body, and soul is just what the doctor ordered. A fun and compassionate friend appears, bringing some overdue laughter to remind you of the strong person that you are, while reinforcing the decisions that you have made. You consider taking a break from others temporarily, avoiding phone calls and common public places to sneak a little 'my time' to reconnect with your self. You may find a growing interest in being more domestic now, enjoying the freedom it gives your mind - as you keep physically occupied. When you are ready to spread your wings, someone special offers their support, and a reason to smile!

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