Mystical messages and spiritual guidance from the wisdom of the Intellectual and Intuitive Tarot. To strengthen the message, read your rising sign. If you were born in the evening, you may feel more comfortable including your Moon sign.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21) Happy birthday Scorpio! Ace of Cups: Something new is forming around you this month Scorpio, and it's in the shape of love and goodness! This brings some major internal changes within you, while overflowing you with happiness and joy! With all the excitement, your outlook on life begins to improve dramatically! As you swim in this newly created abundance, you will probably feel the need to open yourself completely - in your social circle - and to you and your Higher Self. As you come of your hiding, you forget about your most recent restrictions as creativity and beauty overwhelm your touched soul. Allow yourself to flourish in heaven's blessings!

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21) Knight of Pentacles: What you have been analyzing and seeking in your life, is now becoming available to you this month Sagittarius. A chance opportunity is being delivered your way to create stability and integrity, but it will be your choice to either accept this as a sign of true potential and growth, or to bypass it and wait for something better to come along. This news that will improve your personal and professional status which will encourage you to fine-tune your own skills and manners! This gift also aids in grounding your spontaneous passion, showing you how to put your spirit into something more useful and beneficial, in ways that some can only imagine!

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19) Page of Wands: There's a fresh change in the air for you this month Capricorn, and it consists of putting closure to an emotional situation. You shine as you begin to transform restrictions into something more positive in your life! Taking the higher path will lead you into happiness and success now, so use your clever business-head and follow your own lead. You'll be feeling lighter and livelier as you relish in this new sense of optimism and movement, while attracting like-minded individuals! Pay attention to these new people that you attract this month, as they will be guides to help you let the past, stay in the past. New plans for adventure is waiting!

AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18) Nine of Cups: What have you been praying for lately Aquarius, because it seems that your wishes and blessings are about to come true! This month seems to have you lounging in pleasure and good spirits - from good food, good wine, and good lovin'! Blessings arrive and it's a jolly month! Your emotions are overwhelmed with so many wonderful surprises, personally and professionally! You should expect a few parties invitations this month, and if you're not heading out to any of them, it's probably because you are having one your own - to celebrate and share your success and good news! Party on!

PISCES (February 19-March 20) King of Swords: You will need to remove those rose-colored glasses temporarily this month Pisces, so that you are able to see your life situation as it is - rather than how you were hoping that it would be! You will need to have a clear head with sharp thinking for good decision making with good judgement. You need to also have a 'clean' system so that you can deal with an old situation, as you see it in a whole new perspective. As you more become insightful and aware of what has been really going on, you may find yourself doing the honorable gesture and contacting the right people, to clear up past misunderstandings to create peace amongst your inner and social circle.

ARIES (March 21-April 19) Three of Swords: Unpleasant revelations regarding past decisions and actions may have you experiencing doubts Aries. Although you may have felt hurt by someone at the time, your memory of what happened is becoming clouded and confused. You could find yourself needing to withdraw from friends and family this month, or possibly separating yourself from a close partner - to recapture the distressful moment. Sadness doesn't look good on you Aries, but you may have taken more to heart than you were actually meant to. You'll find it healing to talk about what you are experiencing, so that you are free of these heavy feelings by the holidays. Cheer is around the corner.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Strength: This is going to be a super month for you Taurus, if you don't mind being tested by the hands of fate! Where you have doubted yourself and what you stand for in the past few months (or possibly last few years!), you will have the opportunity to see what you are truly made of now! During certain life challenges now, your confidence and willpower will be requested, so that you can learn how to shine again in your world, and in your own eyes! Lend your support or services out to someone who needs it now. Your ability to make everything better allows you to experience the empowerment of generosity and loving they neighbor! The returns of your kindness multiplies!

GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Five of Wands: November may feel a little awkward as you want to move forward and be active with life adventures, but you could feel as if you are having to make too many decisions, and this cramps your style. You will be quite active for the next weeks making plans, rescheduling the dates, busy, busy, busy - while doubting that you can keep up with it all! It could feel as if these coming days are filled with challenges and obstacles, when really; the Universe is helping to simplify your to-do list. Sift out what is necessary - and what is not... rather than chasing the same old chores, try something fresh and unfamiliar. It will give you the REAL excitement that you have been looking for!

CANCER (June 21-July 22) Temperance: Order is finally forming for you in November, as you do your best to reorganize your practical needs, from your personal wishes. Prioritizing all that you have been cramming into your life has been on a list of things to do, but you are becoming much more motivated in taking charge of what has been controlling you! Life is getting so much simpler! As you experience the joy and balance that moderation brings into your life and surroundings, you develop a stronger inner self. You are understanding that by saying 'yes' all the time - doesn't necessarily mean you gain more - but instead, you lose little pieces of yourself. Congratulations on making wiser choices!

LEO (July 23-August 22) The Magician: November will be a spectacular month Leo, because you will really get to show everyone what you are REALLY made of! Power, strength, beauty, organization, and willpower... should I go on? Your skills, experience, and charm get to be well-used these coming weeks, especially if you are looking into ideas for more promotion. You're balanced now, everything is falling into place, and you are capable of attracting whatever you set your mind too. You're also being reminded to shift 'with' the flow of things now, so eliminate the stubbornness. The more you glide with the wind, the faster you go, and the better you look! Presentation is your lucky charm!

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Five of Pentacles: You could end up feeling separated from yourself this month Virgo, as you become part a 'weeding' process. Changes are beginning to become more apparent and real, but that doesn't make things easier. It will be grounding for you to spend quality time with yourself, to think about your goals and where you want to be - and what you may have to separate from - to grow. Material and/or financial struggles may set you back temporarily, but only if you allow it. The Universe is requiring that you revise your lifestyle, so that you can figure out what is actually missing in your life - sot you can set new goals and have real direction! You'll figure it out!

LIBRA (September 23-October 22) Ten of Pentacles: November blessings are yours Libra.. you wanted it all and now it is all yours. You have worked hard to build the world that you have, and for the next weeks you will get to relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard labor. Prosperity and ancestral endowments may be on its way, or this could be an increase to promote growth in your household - which could add an addition to the family tree, or an advancement in your work or career. It's really just the icing on the cake, and this final touch will make you feel even more proud of the life that you have built for yourself. Well done Libra!

Remember, it's all in the way you hold your cards... so play it smart!

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Starcana, aka Suzanne Dronzek, is an Intuitive Astrologer with over 20 years of practice and experience in spiritual astrology, mystical tarot, and the metaphysical arts. To personalize this message for inner guidance, personal development, spiritual enrichment, and/or relationship compatibility - request a private and professional consultation via telephone. For complete information about her services, call Suzi (724) 832-9283, or visit her website: