Is Turkish Coffee only loved for rich taste, smooth texture and aroma? Your last sip of coffee can unveil your future. Yes!, your experience of having a Turkish coffee does not end at its taste, texture and aroma, but the patterns formed in the cup with the brewed coffee are used for reading the future and hence is popularly known as Coffee Cup Reading. The connection of coffee with future interpretation may sound strange, but it is worldwide famous as tasseomancy, tasseography, or tassology.

This fortune telling practice adds an adventure that continues even after the last sip. Turkish Coffee is very different from the other coffees. These are grounded and boiled and also allows your future to be unveiled with the patterns so formed in the cup after the last sip. Here is the simple secret of coffee cup reading revealed that will add a continued adventure with the last sip. Follow these simple steps and get your future predictions done, all with a smooth taste and aroma of Turkish Coffee.

1. The coffee should be drunk by the one whose future has to be interpreted. In a relaxed mood, one should enjoy the coffee and experience the refreshing taste and aroma. As Turkish coffee is best known for complete pleasure, it is advised to be drunk slowly. For better and clear interpretations, keep in mind, you use the one particular side of the cup for drinking.

2. With the last sip, place the saucer in the cup of coffee and make a wish. Traditionally, the person is supposed to say "Let my fortune match my state!" With the saucer still on the cup, the cup is raised to the level of the chest and is rotated in a clockwise direction a couple of times. Then, the cup is turned upside down with the saucer and one has to wait for the cooling of the cup. Some practitioners also place coin on the top of the cup to cool the cup faster and also to dispel bad omens.

3. Gently remove the saucer and look into the cup. The practitioners and the fortune tellers make use of the symbols made with the coffee ground in the cup. The reading starts from the handle and with imaginary horizontal and vertical line, the cup is divided into four areas.

4. The symbols that fall on the right hand side of the imaginary vertical line, are considered to be positive or indicating good fortune. The one on the left hand side of the vertical line are considered negative. The symbols that stay over the horizontal line are supposed to happen in a short time and alternatively, the one falling below the horizontal line are to be accomplished in the long-run.

5. The color of the coffee grounds also reveals the duration of the accomplishment of the wish. The light color signifies granting of the wish easily, while the dark color says, it might require you to put in efforts to make your wish come true.

The predictions for the same cup may vary from one fortune teller to the other, but the baseline will remain the same. According to a Turkish proverb it is said that you might not believe in fortune telling, but should not disregard it, either. Enjoy your coffee and unveil your future!

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