Rash guards are training wears worn by athletes training for MMA or BJJ. If you want to attain a good level of comfort while training, rash guards are the most preferable than t-shirts. Rash guards are usually snug and close-fitting to the body, thereby allowing free movement of the athlete. They also protect the skin and are made of materials that dry quickly compared to t-shirts. There are different styles of rash guards, so you have to know the right one to buy. Rashguards also come in different brands; some brands are better than others and are not necessarily expensive, so you should be on the lookout for the good brands.

The Tatami rash guards are products manufactured by Tatami fight wear, which was founded in 2009 and is the no 1 BJJ and grappling brand. The brand was started with the aim of producing high-quality Jiu-Jitsu equipment at affordable prices. Tatami has produced a variety of rash guards, which are all sleek and have outstanding quality. We are going to look at some of Tatami’s rash guards and their qualities.

The Tatami Spiral rash guard is one of Tatami’s creations that is designed to fit athletes who are tall with longer bodies and are looking for an ideal and snug fit. This rash guard is long-sleeved and has a four-panel construction, which makes it long-lasting and more comfortable. It is made with 80% polyester to 20% spandex mix and has Tatami graphics and a logo, which makes it look beautiful. The rash guard is made of good quality and lasts for many training sessions; therefore, it’s good to fight wear for any athlete.

If you are looking for a rash guard with flat seams that prevent irritation on the skin, then go for Tatamirash guard which should meet your requirements. This rash guard is made of antibacterial fabric for those concerned about good hygiene. It has a cool print in California summer style and comes with a cool Jiu-Jitsu sticker. Its material consists of 80% polyester and 20% elastane. It is a four-way stretch fabric that ensures maximum comfort and easy movement.

For athletes that love artworks and fancy clothes, your rash guard is not excluded. The Tatami surf and roll is a unique rash guard that combines surfing and Jiu-Jitsu. The back of this rash guard features a peculiar beach sunset and wave scene in impressive and eye-catching colors in contrast to the quiet and minimal front. The logos of the surfing and Jiu-Jitsu communities are represented on the sleeves, while a full chest print combines both of them. If you are afraid of the artwork peeling or fading over time, you do not have to worry because the artwork is fully sublimated, which prevents cracks and ensures a long-lasting rash guard. Its material consists of 80% polyester and 20% spandex mix.

The Tatami rash guard is an excellent brand of rash guards and is worth the price. They have a variety of many more rash guards with beautiful artworks and amazing qualities and is definitely worth a try.

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