The Earth is ascending into higher vibration. We are moving from Third to Fourth Dimension Consciousness. Everything that has been held in our personal and collective unconscious, including what has been denied and/or projected will emerge for healing, integration and transmutation. On October 29 we have the Taurus Full Moon.

This Full Moon shows us how far we have come and what we must deal with now. It reveals the limits we need to respect and the limitations we must transcend. Scorpio rules emotional truth. Scorpio forces us to confront our fears and release what we have outgrown. This includes relationships, jobs, living locations, beliefs and lifestyles. For instance, whatever is no longer serving you and keeping you down. Making you feel depressed. Remember that, letting go is not painful it is the holding on that causes suffering.

♠What is dead and dying in your life?

♠What is complete for you?

♠What is begging to be born?

Taurus reveals our core values, our inner and outer resources, our talents, gifts and abilities. Taurus rules our self-worth, self-respect and self-appreciation. Taurus shows our attitude toward money, security and enjoyment. Taurus teaches us that to experience lasting happiness and success. We must develop and live our life founded from our core values.

Scorpio rules other people’s values, shared resources, trust issues, sex, death, and the mysteries of life. Powerful Pluto is in close proximity and harmonious supportive stream with the Full Moon. Requiring us to purge our attitudes, beliefs and alliances that cost us more than what we receive. On the positive, we can dissolve negative attitudes and thought patterns. We can experience heightened intuition and psychic sensitivity. We can own our authentic power.

“I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ~ Galileo

In truth, there isn’t anything easy breezy about Scorpio or Pluto. They are intense, no-nonsense and disdain the superficial. Make sure you are drinking plenty of pure water and getting lots of rest. This will aid in cleansing toxins and releasing physical and emotional pain.

We are transmuting the last of our Third Dimensional karma through the end of 2012. This includes karmic relationships, karmic lessons, fear and upsetting memories. We are purifying the unconscious mind. This holds many past and present life intense memories such as heartache, suffering, loss, death and betrayals that we have encountered. For instance, hidden traumatic experiences can hold us back from being fully present, enthusiastic and reaching our greatest potential/power. However, we don’t want to obsess, attach and/or over-identify with painful thoughts. Instead, allow the pain to wash over you and move through you. In this way we are riding the evolutionary growth wave. Practice being the “neutral observer.” Such as, see your life as a movie. You are the Star and Hero of the story. However, you are detached. You can feel what is happening. Yet, you are not being moved, consumed and/or overwhelmed by the drama. In this way, the pain can be released and transmuted into the Light. We can surrender our heartache and hurt over to our Higher Power.

“Physical pain is just an extension of emotion. It’s all the same thing. There are two emotions. One feels good and one feels bad. Which means, you’re connected to your Energy Stream or you’re not allowing your Energy Stream.” ~ Abraham

Serious Saturn joins the Sun in Scorpio opposing the Full Moon in Taurus. The contrast between the real and the ideal is clear. Saturn is challenging us to recognize the obstacles we face and find the discipline to deal with them or acknowledge that we’re on the wrong path. Patience and perseverance are powerful assets here although stubborn resistance to change is a potential pitfall.

♥Where does courage dwell in you?

♥What are the major issues you are facing now?

♥Your effort in the relationship, situation and/or job is worth it to you?

♥What is your right path?

♥Are you doing what is right for you?

This Full Moon has a brilliant grand trine (harmonious supportive energy stream times the power of three) between Asteroid Ceres in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. This positive energy summons the power of our intuition, nurturing abilities and compassion to heal Self and others. Venus in Libra is being severely challenged by Pluto and Uranus. This intense aspect tells us that our need for collaboration, originality and integrity is required. Where do you need to upgrade your relationships?

Today and through the end of 2012, we are experiencing a colossal “inner house cleaning”. This is required to graduate to Higher Dimension and Higher Consciousness. In other words, Creator’s Light is purifying us. This is real growth. Real growth is painful. Giving birth is painful. We are giving birth to the new human: the heart-centered human being. What are your heart’s wants, wishes and desires?

Mercury the Messenger turns retrograde November 6-26.

Navigating Mercury Retrograde territory can be frustrating to say the least. We can feel irritated by delays, distractions and mixed messages. Mercury rules contracts, communication, education, thinking, perception, data and transportation. Mercury governs all forms of media, such as publishing, broadcasting, podcasting, radio and TV. His is a large domain and/or kingdom. For instance, computers, cars and technology can act up during Mercury Retrograde. Do keep your sense of humor. Mercury is a trickster. He loves to play hide and seek. Yes, the Gods, the planets (archetypes) do have a sense of humor. Lost items can be rediscovered, while keys, wallets, documents, and other important items can go missing…

“Make the best of it. When you make the best of whatever you’re focused upon, your future will be better than your now. If each moment you’re making the best of what-is, no matter what it is, you make the best of it; make the best of it; make the best of it—your future just gets better and better and better, and better.” ~ Abraham

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

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