Did you know that tax deed sales run the gamut of rock-bottom real estate bargains? With raw undeveloped land, agricultural and residential land, all the way up to condos and expensive homes, going up before a public auction, the bargains just keep coming.

Tax deed sales are not bank foreclosures. They are government foreclosures conducted by local County government as a result of the failure of the owners to pay the property taxes in a timely manner. Banks foreclosures are usually when hundreds of thousands of dollars are owed, whereas government foreclosures can be for as little as a few hundred dollars!

The County forecloses and conducts a sale at public auction for the taxes and penalties owed. If the taxes are not paid a lien is placed against the property and the delinquent taxpayers given a period of time to redeem, or pay the arrears, before the auction of the property to the public, to collect back taxes owed.

Some of the causes of high value properties reaching a tax deed sale are as follows...

Job loss -- causing default.
Strategic walkaway -- budget constraints, or owes more than it's worth. (Underwater)
Lost contact -- absentee owner can not be contacted.
Divorce -- disagreement causing default -- walkaway.
Overextended -- no longer a necessity -- walkaway.
Bank foreclosure -- if unsold, and bank neglects to pay taxes on time.
Deceased estate -- dead or alive, taxes must still be paid.

With the enormous backlog of foreclosures hitting the court system, and the marketplace, banks cannot keep up with the deluge. Buyers of bank auction properties have never been in a better position to legally steal from a bank!

Lands, condos, and houses, where the only encumbrances are the taxes owed, are hitting the government auction sales. People who owed nothing but the taxes are electing to walkaway from an asset for all kinds of reasons, some listed above.

Four things you must do to profit from this.

Make up your mind to invest in tax deed sales.
Take the course and learn investing skills -- it is not that difficult.
Research, then find and buy property at rock-bottom prices.
Resell at a profit!

When you buy rock-bottom bargains, turning a profit is only a matter of time.

"You got a be in it, to win it!"

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