6 Things not to Miss in Jaisalmer:-
If you feel a different atmosphere of day and night with a pure Rajasthani culture, it is in Jaisalmer, a honey-colored city in the desert, where men with colorful turbans define the street scene and a gigantic fort towers above everything. Here you can relax from sun through the narrow streets and enjoy the endless vistas in the desert. If you want to get the most out of Jaisalmer.

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[1] Jaisalmer Fort
Jaisalmer has a fairytale appearance and this is mainly due to the gigantic fortress, which towers high above the city. It is one of the largest fort in the world and what is special is that there are still about 3000 people living in the fort. It is made of yellow sandstone, which makes it look like a big sandcastle - especially when the sun goes down and the fort gets a beautiful golden glow.

Jaisalmer Fort is so big that you can easily walk through the narrow streets for a few hours - especially if you regularly stop one or more shops, In addition, there are also a number of sights in the fort - such as beautiful Havelis, various Jain temples and the royal palace - and you will find nice cafes and restaurants. Due to the many hotels, shops, and sights, the fort has a tourist atmosphere, but in a nice way.
Visiting the Jain temples. The temples are open from 8 am to noon, but tourists are only allowed to enter from 11 am. You can visit the palace from 9 am to 6 pm.

[2] Go haveli-hopping
In the fort, but also outside there are several beautiful Havelis. These old, traditional houses are decorated and were inhabited by the Indian elite for centuries. The most beautiful and famous Havelis are the Patwon Ki Haveli, the Nathmal Ki Haveli, and the Salim Sing Ki Haveli. You can view the Patwon Ki Haveli and the Salim Sing Ki Haveli. You can visit the Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli for free. The Havelis are open until 6 pm.

[3] Wander the colorful markets
In Jaisalmer, there are countless shops and markets, where you can buy the most beautiful handmade souvenirs. From wooden figurines to colorful dresses and from silver ankles to camel leather bags; you will find it all there. My experience is that they generally asked a reasonable amount and so many sellers absolutely did not want to go down in price. However, I would always try to haggle, as there are always some sellers who do come with a tourist price.

[4] Visit Vyas Chhatri
This old crematorium is located against the desert, in the northwest of the city. There are several gravestones, as a form of respect for the people who have been cremated here. It is a special and mysterious place, especially when you consider that people are still cremated - even if there are only a few a year nowadays. Despite the strange idea that you are walking in a place where perhaps a body was burned not so long ago, it is still beautiful to see, especially during sunset.

[5] Dinner with a view
In the fort, there are some fantastic restaurants, often with a beautiful view of the city. you will also find some very good restaurants, which look out at the fort. restaurants in the fort and coffee place was Kuku Coffee House, where you have delicious coffee and a nice view over the city. Outside of the fort, a very good dinner at Romany and Lalgarh Palace, both of which offer stunning views of the city and the fort.

[6] Go into the desert by camel
An hour's drive from Jaisalmer, you can enter the Thar Desert by camel or jeep. There are numerous tour operators offering safaris from a few hours to desert tours of a few days - depending on what you want. We booked a 7-hour sunset tour, where we went by camel into the desert and then saw an amazingly beautiful sunset.

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