Taxpayer Advocate Service is an independent tax collection office within the IRS which runs under the supervision and direction of the Taxpayer Advocate.

The Taxpayer Advocate Service is your voice at the IRS. It makes sure the taxpayer is treated fairly, and realizes and understands his rights. The taxpayers who are having tax problems that are not able to be resolved with the IRS, they can get free TAS assistance. The procedure can be confusing, but it can work.

A few things that every taxpayer must know about the Taxpayer Advocate Service are given below

1. Taxpayer Advocate Service helps taxpayers having problems that cause financial difficulty. Both businesses and individuals are included.

2. The taxpayer should call TAS in the situation when IRS actions are preventing him from providing for the necessities like food, housing or transportation.

3. The taxpayers who have tried solving their problems through normal IRS channels but could not get the solutions or they think the procedure of the IRS does not work; they can take the help of Taxpayer Advocate Service.

4. Taxpayers in order to take the assistance of the TAS, must be experiencing economic harm or considerable expense, and experiencing a delay of more than 30 days for the solution of their tax issue, or not having any response for the IRS for the resolution to the problem.

5. The taxpayer should call TAS when he owns a business but cannot meet basic expenses like payroll

6. The IRS helps in the case when there is a need of coordinator or traffic cop due to the involvement of many different IRS units and steps so TAS is needed to make sure everyone does their part.

7. The taxpayers can take the help of TAS when he is presenting unique but legal facts or issues and the IRS does not listen to the taxpayer but applies an approach of "one size fits all”.

8. If the taxpayer or his business faces threats of adverse action, he can call TAS.

How To Reach A Taxpayer Advocate

If a taxpayer is qualified to receive the help of the TAS, then he will be assigned an advocate to offer the assistance. The taxpayer can find his local advocate and call him, whose number is in his local directory, or may check the website for contacting the advocate. When you call, you must have

1. Your name, Social Security number and address.
2. Your contact number and the time to call.
3. The tax return and the involved tax year.
4. Your issue description.

The taxpayer can also reach an advocate through filing Form 911. It is a “Request for Taxpayer Advocate Service Assistance”.

There is at least one office in nearly every state. The taxpayer can submit the form through fax as it is the quickest method but the taxpayer can also mail this form. If the taxpayer still does not get any response even after submitting the form, he can call the TAS office where he submitted the form.

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