Graphene has exciting potentials to revolutionize fields of electricity, conductivity, energy generation, batteries, sensors and more. As a branch of Alfa Chemistry, T,C&A Lab has been recognized as a reliable provider of graphene analytical testing. Since the service was launched, many graphene manufacturers have contacted T,C&A Lab to optimize the materials they produce, and customers also ask for help to verify the quality of the graphene they plan to buy.

Viewed as the world's thinnest, strongest and most conductive material, graphene behaves well in a lot of scenarios and is now extensively applied in material science, micro-nano processing, energy, biomedicine, drug delivery and many other fields.

“A fast and reliable feedback on graphene structure and quality will help manufacturers adjust and optimize their production processes, and ultimately contributing to greater success of the whole manufacturing project. Likewise, manufacturers of graphene-based projects also need to assess the quality of the graphene that they are incorporating into their products. Therefore, the demand for graphene testing has been increasing,” says the Marketing Chief of T,C&A Lab. “Our graphene testing is affordable and highly efficient. Meanwhile, we also offer an analysis report, which is of highest level of accuracy, for client’s reference.”

The graphene products that can be tested at T,C&A Lab include but are not limited to: single-layer graphene, bilayer or double-layer graphene, few-layer and multi-layer graphene.

To characterize the structure or assess the quality of graphene and graphene-based products, a wide variety of equipment, techniques and methods are used. Each serves for different analytical purpose. For example, scanning electron microscope (SEM), scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) are used to characterize the growth domain and surface morphology. Raman spectroscopy is used to identify graphene sheets and obtain layer number information, while infrared spectrum is employed to evaluate the existence of functional groups.

The testing standards include but are not limited to: ASTM E3220, ISO/TS 21356, ISO/TS 80004, IEC/CD 62565-3-1, ISO/TR 19733, IEC/WD 62607, etc.
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