Teaching or imparting education in any form is a selfless service. Doing the same for the community development and welfare of a region is a soul-satisfying task. Coupling it with the zing of overseas travel is all the more gratifying. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to teach and coach overseas to young, underprivileged children or the less educated grownups.

Volunteers programs that target the education level of impoverished parts of the globe or those targeting uneducated section of a tourist destinations; provide a quality base for teaching the youth and the old and enhancing some of their vocational skills for helping them earn a livelihood. These services also play a crucial role in generating awareness against various social stigmas, various diseases and offer them quality information regarding the same. Hence, such teach and coach overseas programs help in the emancipation of an entire region and the overall development of the community.

The regions that are high activity zones of volunteer programs include the beautiful beach coasts of Latin America, wildlife-populated regions of Africa, culturally diversity of Asia and Europe. These places offer both the scenic beauty, experience of rich flora and fauna, and also the satisfaction playing a part in the community development programs in a region.

Volunteers who love to work, teach and travel or the ones who want to use a gap year for traveling the world and offering their volunteering services take active part in such teach and coach overseas programs. They utilize their gap year, summer holidays or vacation time in participating in volunteer programs such as English Education volunteer in Costa Rica, sea turtles programs in Costa Rica etc. One can choose from a wide range of programs and community development work in different nooks and corners of the world and also enjoy their escapades at the same time.

The other important reason for the popularity of teach overseas volunteer programs is the need for English teachers in various regions of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe. English is the second language in the four continents. Most countries have other languages as the main mode of communication; hence, there is a dearth of quality English teachers. Volunteer programs that help in imparting English education are popular in these regions. Most young teachers, gap year students, vacationers and other volunteers take active part in such programs. They choose their global destination, duration, program type, cost, fitness level and some affiliations in other respects such as nationality, religion, language etc.

Volunteering in different welfare and community development programs are essential for the overall development of the population and the region.

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