Around three months ago I started practicing Qi Gong, and, as I mentioned in a previous article, this was something that I had heard about quite some time ago. When I look back on what I have gained from doing it about once a week since I first started, I can say that it has been time well spent.

In the beginning, I thought that some of the movements were a bit strange and I wondered how ding them would benefit my life. But what I noticed after a few sessions is that I felt more grounded.

In The Zone

After three sessions, I started to really get into some of the movements - and this meant that what was going on around me faded into the background. When this didn’t take place it was because I was too caught up in my mind.

It was incredibly liberating and relaxing to be out of my mind and to be firmly rooted in my body. Instead of being caught up in the past or the future, I could embrace the present moment.

A Reference Point

Once a session was over and each hour went by, this was an experience that started to wear off. Still, I didn’t return to how I was before; what I experienced during a session had left a mark on me.

What occurred to me was how disconnected I had been from my own body for most of my life and that I didn’t grow up feeling anchored to it. There were times when I felt like a floating head, which caused me to feel very unstable.

The Key

Long before I had tried Qi Gong I came to see that the way to be in the moment and to experience inner peace was to be in my body. Through trying Qi Gong and making progress, this was something that became even clearer.

I came to the conclusion that this was the ideal tool to get me into my body and that I would have to do it on a consistent basis, or else I wouldn’t be able to maintain this connection. What also stood out was that the less trauma I had in my body the easier it would be for me to stay in it.

Another Factor

However, I also came to see that even if my childhood years were not traumatic and I was able to develop a strong connection with my body, there were still things that would cause me to leave my body. Modern day technology, for example, is one thing that can have the same effect.

Taking this into consideration, even if someone hasn’t experienced a lot of trauma during the beginning of their life they can still spend a lot of time in their head due to spending so much time on different devices. The stresses of everyday life can also add to this, making it incredibly difficult for someone to settle into their body.

Final Thoughts

I would recommend Qi Gong to anyone who wants to feel more connected to their body and to feel more at peace, regardless of what their childhood was like. This is something that can be learnt online or by going to a class.

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