For years we’ve been pointing out that there are two types of many things… for example, “missionaries” and “missionaries” – yes you may have heard us through N talk about that… and of course there are many varieties within these missionaries... many facets; just like anything and everything, variety can be beautiful.

There are also many varieties of teachers, of course – think back to your school days, which is most likely what you’ll be thinking about; there are those teachers you remember with a smile, those you remember with a little trepidation; those you try to forget and all of them had their different styles; all of them were working as teachers; all of them carried the title teacher… different varieties, different facets, different goals and objectives, different perspectives and parameters but … alas that is not the topic of the teachers we’re referring to today. Yes, there are those specific teachers we want to discuss within the human profession of teachers, but not that many – those that are there make their pupils aware, help them become enlightened while focusing on the official goals of topical discussions in a specific educational field. And these are important on our paths, enlightening young and old minds in spiritual ways without those being taught necessarily realizing what is happening as it is subtle, embedded and not imposing… open minded. Those teachers you remember, either fondly or with aggravation often have something in common... they were true to who they were – like it or not…yes, you can laugh about that or smile… you know it’s true and sometimes you didn’t like those that stretched you but they sure were true and helped you on your path until it was time for you to move on to the next class, the next level, the next school… quietly they continued their work.

Today, though, we need to talk about your spiritual teachers, those teachers you go to in times of need, those who are to teach and guide you on your on your spiritual journey. Indeed there are many of those out there but often when you have looked really hard they seemed to be scarce, yet when you didn’t really look all of a sudden there was one or maybe there were two or more you were drawn to… yes, these are the teachers we’ll want to talk about.. we need to talk about…we must talk about because… there are many who claim to be such spiritual teachers and often you humans end up disappointed… one way or another in them. Let’s explore why that might be.

Of course, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – you have heard this, you know this, you’ve experienced it. And indeed most likely you were ready when you least knew it… when you weren’t looking… and then you found a teacher who helped you along.

Please know that all teachers, regardless of their creed or method or ways or actions are important. Yes, all of them teach something you need to know, you asked to learn; just sometimes you don’t like to learn that way.

But back on track to the spiritual teachers… those who apply this categorical flag, that banner to themselves and make it easy to be found as such. Just as your school teachers, these spiritual teachers are important – there are many, many more spiritual teachers than you can imagine but not all carry that banner for all to see; many do not even recognize that this is what they are… and all spiritual teachers are guides, at the same time... of course, how else could it work? Teachers are guides, guides on your path, providing you with knowledge, skills, training you need to move forward on your journey. At one point or another all humans are called to seek out spiritual teachers and often they stay with these teachers for a while, a long time, until one day something changes… “When the student is ready the teacher will disappear.” Yes, there is a time when each teacher has taught all there is to teach. That is the way it’s to be, the way it’s set up, the way it makes sense.

Yet, in the human realm all your physical teachers are human, too and they have lessons to learn as all others do. You may be a teacher, a guide, and you are in human form so that in your human experience you are to teach, guide, and learn… the learning is the hardest for many. Spiritual teachers are the same; they are here in human form... they are having a human experience and you just need to know that whenever you drawn to a teacher, an officialy, badge-wearing spiritual teacher. So while the set up is logical, while they agree to the set up and likely tell you they are helping you and then they’ll support you and then you’ll be on able to spread your wings and fly after you’ve learned all they can teach you… they may differ with that once they are ready to disappear out of your life.

Indeed, many of you have experienced that; you needed a teacher, the teacher appeared, taught you a lot and then… slowly but surely… the teachings became less and less meaningful to you … the teacher had unearthed all your hidden knowledge – done an enormously important job with and for you; you found all your skills, recovered all your knowledge, rediscovered your power and strength. What a marvelous class, what an amazing learning and teaching journey you have had… and then it’s time for you to move on – to have this teacher disappear. Yes, this teacher as you may need another one for another lesson, you may need another guide for this part of your journey… you are excited that you feel you are ready, you are excited about all the miraculous work that you have done together… only to feel your stomach twist and turn a little. It is difficult to let a teacher who’s done such wonderful work with you go … so it takes you humans a while to get to the point of following through with the disappearing act.. as you still like to have your crutch, are still listening to that negative ego talk about whether you’re really ready, really powerful, really know who you are now… the question of “what will I do without my teacher” looms above, ahead, and around. But then it’s time… after the heartache, the clinging to find more this teacher can teach you … you finally spread your wings… like a little baby bird… you step onto the edge of the nest and you just take the next step trusting you will fly. And it works!! You fly! Your wings are spread, flapping and keeping you in the air almost becoming elegant. That’s all good, wonderful, and amazing though… for some the lesson from that teacher does not end there.

As a pupil you’ll want to look back at your teacher, as a baby bird you want to look back at your mother … what if that one’s no longer there? What happened? What happened you ask to the set up of the teaching paradigm? What happened you ask to the promises made when this part of your journey started? What happened you ask to the integrity of your teacher? And often you then have to flap your wings hard, try to keep in the air with all your might, because the stomach is getting so heavy, the shoulders are beginning to cave in … is that what you signed up for? Is this your spiritual, enlightened, masterful teacher? Yes it is. Because remember, this teacher has done their teachings for you and they need to learn their lessons as human being, too. Some of them have difficulties in that…difficulties in adhering to the set up… difficulties in disappearing in a spiritual way once their job is done. And in that disappearing, which is to be physical mainly while continuing to support and aid you on your onward journey … some then become truly human and act in ways opposing their teaching, their promises, their official guidelines. Why? Because they are also here to learn – to learn from you and just like you are learning your teachers are learning and just like you make learning hard at times so do they.

Spiritual teachers are essential, many of you are spiritual teachers, only a few continue to go through the learning process of disappearing gracefully and with love when the time is ready... but you know that; you’ve seen that; you’ve been there. Thus... from here forward, don’t hesitate to work with a teacher, oh no… don’t hesitate to be a teacher, of course, not … just don’t put any teacher – you or others – on a pedastal of “non humanness” .. on Mother Earth unless your teacher is a spirit being all spiritual teachers are human and not all are on the same elevated spiritual path or level… some, you’ll find or have found are on lower loving and spiritual levels than you. Yet, you’ve known that, your intuition has told you that for while, the signs had been there… you just didn’t want to see them. Thus, then here forward… your teacher still taught you, still teaches you… you just didn’t want to learn at the beginning… two lessons: all spiritual teachers on this plane, on Mother Earth in physical form are here to learn as well and you are their teacher… so how do you act when it’s time to disappear - are you learning that lesson? Are you holding on because you’re afraid of spreading your wings, of trusting your own inner power, of believing in yourself?

And.. don’t forget… you are a teacher, many in your lives are teachers... not all carry that badge … and while you’re letting go of one teacher, trying to remain in the air while feeling a sense of disappointment that the teacher’s cut the cords violently you may continue to look around and see others cheering you on, other guides, other teachers as they will appear when you are ready …

So trust your instinct and when you call a spiritual teacher a “teacher” and their eyes begin to smile and their hearts open wide and you can feel the honor they attribute to that term.. then... then… then you may have found one of the more enlightened teachers… continue the learning.. continue the teaching, then ascend – you are on your path and we are watching with proud hearts and eyes.

Peace be with you and may you embrace the lessons with a loving heart as Spirit watches over you.

Namaste, Peace, Amen.

The council of N

Author's Bio: 

Natalie Kimbrough is an intuitive medium, Reiki Master Teacher, and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping others on their life journeys with love and compassion. Always having felt a deep connection with the spiritual or metaphysical realms she is stepping forward in her own right, while being dedicated to her daily spiritual practices for an even deeper understanding the interconnectedness of all things.

The ancient Egyptian motto: “Know Yourself–Love Yourself–Be Yourself” is more than a slogan, it is Natalie’s life. With a Ph.D. in history and years of teaching Natalie has realized that her historical, anthropological, and social teachings and writings have always been influenced by her spirituality. In her classes and her academic work she is guided by the spiritual realm assisting others on their individual paths–whether these be students, colleagues, or acquaintances. This attitude has arrived after hard, spiritual work–all of which has enabled her to open up to her gifts and her mission. This, in turn has opened up unexpected doors to work on her mission. Natalie understands the responsibility that comes with her work and adheres to the moral and ethical guidelines of the universe. Natalie holds meditation circles, gives Readings, shares energy attunements, healing systems, and provides healings. She is also channeling energy empowerments from the spiritual realms. Natalie is available for talks, discussions, and spiritual & healing services upon request.