You have many career options to choose from, these days. The best part is that most of them are lucrative if worked hard upon. With so much exposure and technicality in every field, no career option is considered less than the other one. However, what is most important is to have education. Education forms the bases of any career. Earlier uneducated people were hired for low posts but now every place and corner requires education at least until 12th class. However, the career, which has gained most importance in recent times, is teaching. Due to spread of education everywhere and opening of so many schools and colleges, teachers are in high demand and so the profession is highly coveted.
Since earlier times, teaching has been a respected profession, but the surprising part is that even though lot of career options are available now, teaching as a profession has not lost its charm. Even today, thousands of students enroll themselves for teaching courses. A teacher is given utmost respect in an individual's life, after his or her parents. The way you grow and how your personality develops depends on the teacher who is also a mentor of your life. The parents totally depend on the teachers for their child's growth and development as the school is the place where a child spends most of his or her time during his growing period. It is a stage when you can be easily manipulated and influenced. Therefore, a teacher who shows you the right path is very important.

The government has raised the banner of education high. The spread of education and the need of education are at the apex and many people have joined the battle with the government to spread education even in the remotest parts of the country. Many known celebrities and socialites are investing on opening up of schools and colleges and setting up as many educational institutes as possible. The government aims at having 100 percent literacy level in India, which is lagging behind in many fields due to illiteracy.

Since many new schools colleges and institutes have been set up, teachers are in high demand. Teachers in government schools and colleges get a higher pay and better benefits than teachers from private schools. However, both serve the same purpose of imparting education to children and securing the future of the country. Therefore, teaching is viable career options
for those who wish to share their information with the students for the welfare of the country and at the same time secure a promising future for themselves.

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