India is a country of diverse languages. English provides a common platform to exchange ideas & thoughts with people having different native languages. Moreover, today cosmopolitan world demands the knowledge of English to succeed in almost any line of work. Therefore, teaching English is a good career option in India.
Courses for teaching English or TESOL program
Many educational organizations offer courses for teaching English. Such a course will not only teach you the finer points of English but also help you develop effective teaching skills. TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) courses focus on the needs of a person, whose second language is English. The fact that several such courses are offered today, enables you to pick a course that suits your needs. Some of the popular course options are given below:
• Full time study
• Part time study
• Online TEFL course
• Correspondence courses
• Regular courses
You can also decide whether you want to a course, which will let you teach in India, or an international one. A TESOL program Certificate from an international educational institute will make you eligible to teach English in any part of the world, whereas a regular Certificate will let you teach anywhere in India. TEFL or TESOL is one of best courses for teachers who want to teach English as second language.
Teaching English in India after TESOL program
English has become the Language for the educated Indians. It also happens to be one of India’s official languages. This makes the prospects of ESL jobs in India very good. In fact, if you are thinking of a teaching career in India, teaching English is probably one of your best bets. Not only are English Teachers in great demand in India but also abroad. Moreover, being an English Teacher will mean you will find a job in any urban city in India, thus giving you a bigger choice of job locations.
India is a developing country & more & more states are aiming for compulsory education. This has resulted in a huge shortage of teachers; too many schools have sprung up but there are not enough qualified teachers. Therefore, Teacher training job in India is going to be in demand in the foreseeable future. It also happens to be a lucrative job with the option of private tuitions & writing textbooks, etc. Moreover, teaching jobs in India are still considered the best job for women, with the maximum no. of holidays. A teaching career in India is also highly respected.
Teacher Training Job in India is found in most of the states, especially the educated ones. English Teachers get the best salaries in the biggest metropolitan cities of India, like Delhi, Bombay & Kolkata. After an In class or Online TEFL Course the teachers will be eligible for a course.
You can teach English at all levels of education, starting from preschool to the post-graduate level; although, the required qualifications vary across the levels.
Teaching is one of the most satisfying careers in the world. The joy of helping children become well-developed & well-adjusted adults is, in itself, a huge reward. As our country keeps progressing, we need more & more good teachers to help shape the citizens of tomorrow.

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