Europe is a beautiful continent and is a host to many countries. Those interested in taking up English teaching jobs in Europe must first decide the European country in which he or she would teach. All the European nations have their own rules and regulations. It is best to do a research and compare the European nations on the basis of job availabilities, rules on getting work permits, salary, working hours, working conditions, other available perks and number of paid holidays. The data must be then analyzed and preference formed.
English teaching jobs are best available in four European nations namely Germany, Italy, France and Greece since all four of them are non-English speaking nations with a considerable population. Native English teachers are widely in demand in these European nations.
Teaching English in Europe is fairly easy. One must be fluent in English with a sound educational background and must have completed a certified English teacher training course like the TEFL. A TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Diploma course is the bare minimum for an English teacher to get jobs in Europe. This course is designed for young learners. A TEFL Diploma course covers the basic aspects of teaching English like developing the four basic language skills which are speaking, listening, reading and writing. A Teacher during the TEFL Diploma course also learns about the basic aspects of teaching such as classroom management, student handling and crisis management.
A TEFL Certification course is a more advanced course and delves into the fundamentals of English language such as grammar, phonology and developing vocabulary. Teachers during the TEFL Certification course are trained on the latest techniques, skills and methods of teaching English language. Planning, execution and evaluation skills are all a part of this course. A TEFL Certification
course helps a teacher in making lessons interactive and participatory in nature to ensure maximum involvement and retention of knowledge.
Teaching Business English is also another option for teachers interested in taking up jobs in Europe. A lot of corporate houses in Europe feel the need to educate its’ employees in business English so that they can communicate with clients and professionals all over the world. Teachers teaching business English have to focus primarily on communication and soft skills. They have to make the training sessions highly interesting and interactive and hold regular assessments to ensure that the improvement in the employees’ communication skills is at par with the organization’s requirements. In the course of teaching business English, teachers also need to brush up on the inter-personal skills of the employees to ensure smooth flowing of an organization.
There are plenty of English teaching jobs in Europe. Eastern European nations usually pay around 1000 USD while the Western European nations pay a better amount of around 2500 USD. Even though the remuneration packages are not very high in Europe, the English teaching jobs give a scope to people to delve into the rich European history and learn about the culture and enjoy the scenic beauty and high standards of living in Europe.

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