English has undoubtedly, become the latest lingua franca of the world and not only kids, but a lot of adults are also feeling the need to become well –versed in English. In this age of globalization, it has become imperative for people from different backgrounds and cultures to communicate effectively with each other. This has led to a boom in the English teaching business.
Teaching English to adults is not as easy as it sounds and involves a considerable amount of planning and skill to make it understandable and adaptable to people with different cultures and linguistic backgrounds. In order to teach English, one at least needs to do a diploma course in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). A TEFL diploma trains and helps an individual in taking up a new career as an English teacher. An English teacher training involves basis training on the modern techniques, skills and methodologies of teaching English language. It comprises of teaching basic English grammar and phonology along with the four language skills (Speaking, listening, reading and writing) and enhancing someone else’s vocabulary. This English teacher training also covers aspects of teaching such as classroom management, trainee psyche, planning lessons and evaluation and management of crisis that may arise in a classroom. A TEFL diploma is a minimum prerequisite to becoming an English teacher.
Various different TEFL certification courses are available these days and an aspirant must know which English teacher training is best suitable for the career one wants to pursue. For example, if one is interested in teaching business English, he or she must sign up for an advanced TEFL diploma course. Teaching business English is a more specific branch of teaching English to adults because it requires more emphasis on conversational English and on relating to the language in the setting of a corporate world.
Industries like the IT and BPO sector require their employees to constantly communicate with clients and people all over the world and fluency in English becomes imperative for them. English teachers are consistently hired by these companies to better the communicative skills and soft skills of the employees. Voice and accent trainers are also often employed by these companies. Teaching business English involves planning courses best applicable to the needs of a specific organization. To facilitate maximum participation, the lessons have to be planned and executed in an interesting, interactive and enjoyable fashion but easy to grasp for employees coming from different backgrounds. It is the job of the English trainer to evaluate and ensure that the development in communication skills is at par with the needs and requirements of the organization. In the course of teaching business English, a trainer also focuses on brushing up on the personal skills of the employees to ensure free communication among the various levels within an organization.
Teaching communicative or teaching business English to adults has become a very lucrative career option for many and with the right course and fluency in English, anyone can become an English teacher.

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