Pre-primary and primary schools are mushrooming all over India and the need for trained pre-primary teachers is now, more than ever. Teaching young learners however, requires a lot of determination, skill and warmth and most schools these days hire only those teachers, who have gone through a proper pre-primary teacher training course such as the TEFL certification course.
Pre-primary teacher training is essential because a mentor needs to be trained on the appropriate techniques and skills of teaching before they can shape up the minds of young learners. Teaching young learners requires a lot of time, determination and effort because the base of a child is built around this time upon which, a child grows and flourishes. Pre-primary teacher training focuses on bringing about cognitive, emotional, social and physical development of a child. A toddler is taught to communicate in a language and develop vocabulary to express oneself. It is an enormous responsibility for a pre-primary school teacher to educate and train a child and guide him or her in the right direction. Pre-primary teacher training course emphasizes on the skills of classroom management, child development and establishing parent-child relationship.
Pre-school training is responsible for shaping up the education, professional and personal development of a child in his formative years. While teaching young learners, a pre-primary school teacher must plan for the lessons to be highly communicative and interactive for the toddlers to relate to and understand. Along with governing and educating these very young children, a teacher must understand and allow for the curiosity and imaginative skills inherent in every child teaching young learners
involve in planning a curriculum that is fun and interesting to these very tender minds. Group activities like sports, drama, games and drills capture a child’s attention and ensure active participation. Kids of such tender ages are often restless and yearn for physical activity. This energy needs to be utilized and directed to creative and positive activities such as art, drama, puppetry, rhymes, songs, dance, verbal expression, language development, finger plays and role plays. In a pre-school a child is taught on the basic manners and discipline while enjoying the whole experience of learning and communication with teachers and other kids of similar age.
Numerous pre-school schools have opened up all over the world. There is an incessant demand for skilled pre-primary teachers worldwide as the number of trained pre-primary teachers is low everywhere. People with good educational backgrounds and willing to work with toddlers and kids can take up pre-primary teaching as a good career option. But before they do so, they must go through a pre-primary teacher training course like a TEFL diploma or a TEFL certification course. Aspiring pre-primary teachers must be willing to put in the effort and devote themselves completely for the cause of educating young learners because it can be very demanding and requires a lot of skill and patience. Those interested in taking up pre-primary teaching jobs abroad must go through TEFL certification course

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