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Teaching Young Learners can be a most intriguing profession yet most rewarding one at the same time. The young learner’s age group can be from 2 to 12 years and range from preschool to the primary school level. The formative years of human life falls in this age group thus professionals with vivid knowledge of education needs to train these young souls. In most countries across the globe teachers teaching young learners are given the best wage.
The professional teachers can do an Online TEFL course with specializations to teach kids for joining this profession. The TEFL Young Learners course is a combination of English teacher training and general preschool and primary school teacher training. There are numerous providers providing teachers training course for teachers in the preschool and primary school level.
Points to be remembered by the teachers
 The teachers should create a positive relationship with the students to establish a healthy learning environment.
 It is important to make clear and minimum rules for the young learners.
 Classroom is a place of mutual respect. If you give respect to the students you will get it in return.
 Rewards are an effective way to teaching kids and small tokens of appreciations like starts, stickers, smiley or marbles can be of great help.
Some of the Problems faced by teachers
Kids usually have very short attention span and tend to forget things quickly. Most of the kids are confident in communicating in their mother tongue so the teachers needs to find a way if they are not aware of it. Another most important factor to keep in mind as a teacher is that they have to handle a mixed group mostly and the background and learning capability of the students is mostly different. For teaching young learners another big commitment of the teachers is teaching right language learning techniques. Teachers who are trained through online tefl course can handle all situations well and also get involved in English teacher training.
There are various points the teachers should keep in mind while training young learners. It is important to change games and activities during the teaching sessions. The games should be energetic, animated and interactive to enhance the learning process of the kids. Using rhymes chants and songs within the lessons significantly increases the interest of the students in their studies. The four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing should be incorporated by the teachers during the teachers training course. english teachers training or Online TEFL course can help teachers develop this English teaching course. Stories, flashcards and plays can play a very comprehensive role during teaching young learners.
For teaching kids in the age group of 2- 12 the teachers should be well trained. There are several institutes offering such teacher training course and it is important for the teachers or aspiring teachers to choose it properly.

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