Effective team coaching is the fine thread of liquid gold linking together individual blocks of talent and ability within a group of people brought together to achieve a given objective.

Professional team coaches are to be found in any number through a simple 'team coaching' search on the Internet.

The methodologies proposed and the fees charged by the Professional Coaches vary greatly and great care should be taken to select a team coach who is a best fit for your needs, your industry and your corporate style.

Your team coach should have a clear understanding of the team objective and the issues which appear to be impacting negatively on the team's performance.

This process of discovery may take some time particularly if the team dynamic is constantly changing due to illness, holiday commitments and or team members leaving the companies employ.

Well in truth you may successfully do so, however there is always the risk that someone from within may have preconceived ideas about certain individuals within the team and this could skew the results of the discovery process.

The key to team coaching is understanding the team style and how the team dynamic has developed.

The behavioural styles of the individual team members must be harmoniously blended together if peak team performance is to be reached.

To achieve this it may be necessary to overcome maybe even knock down some long established interpersonal relationship barriers existing between certain team members.

This may be a very sensitive area and great care should therefore be taken in your choice of team coach/facilitator.

The coach should have some background in behavioural sciences or at the very least have a working knowledge or profiling systems such as Myers Briggs, Belbin and DISC.

If your coach has no basic understanding of the behavioural sciences then it is possible that any improvement will be short lived as the tribal instincts of team members resurface.

Fortunately Belbin, Myers Briggs and DISC competent team coaches are well represented on the internet and you should have little difficulty locating coaches certificated in at least one of these disciplines.

TeamFacilitate is an online management tool designed to help team leaders and team coaches quickly and effectively identify team issues which are ‘cut to the chase’ team imperatives.

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