Every business, every company, and sport team wants to have the team that excels in is consistent. In business the employees are the ones and especially the frontline employees, where they are in contact with the customers daily. It is here that the customers will see attitudes, moods, plus whether an employee looks happy at the job or not. This is part of what gives the customer the impression of the company. How does a frontline manager or any manager know that the employees are in a good state of mind and a productive state of mind?

There are daily indicators that will allow the manager to know if the team and the day is running smoothly. Following are some of the indicators.

1. Team members treat each other with respect. They talk to each other and interact with each other with smiles and in a helpful manner. They are courteous not only to the customers but also to each other. They make sure that their job is done so that it does not fall on another team member. They are talking to each other and updating each other on how the day is going.

2. At different times during the day there is joking going on but it is professional joking with smiles and laughter. The work is still getting done and it's getting done in an active way. But what is very noticeable is that there is a very upbeat atmosphere.

3. When the shifts need to be covered because something unusual has come up and an employee needs the day off, they will help each other cover the shift. In other words someone will step up and cover the shift for the employee that needs off. This becomes a common practice where no one is taking advantage in any situation.

4. The team as a whole and the individuals of the team wants no more. They are eager to have more training and to learn new things. They want to be involved in what's going on and they want to be heard with new ideas and better ways of doing things.

5. The individuals of the team know the importance of the team. They know from doing a good job, getting things done, and being noticed they are an important part and a valued part of the organization.

When managers stay in touch with team and the individuals of the team they can notice when the team comes up or down. A manager can see when there is a frustration that is affecting the team. When this is caught right away adjustments can be made to get the team back on track. It is about being involved, about seeing what's going on, and is about being part of the team.

Author's Bio: 

Liz Cosline – Life Ownership Coach – certified/Team Enhancer

Liz has been in business management for over 23 years receiving several awards. She has appeared on many radio and speaking engagements. In her over 23 years she has devised motivational skills for employees and for management that allow all to succeed. She writes articles on this subject about motivating employees, respect of employees, and the importance of the frontline employee. She is internationally published. http://songofoneunexpectedlife.info