Yes there are. I have put C's to team building simply as a way to remind me of all the aspects that go into team building. There are many different areas that need attention from time to time if not daily. But that does not mean it takes an incredible amount of time. It is more about checking on tasks and giving bits of attention to the team. They need to know the leader is involved. So more C's?

Commitment - There needs to be a commitment to the goals of the team. This comes down to wanting the team to succeed. However this should be defined so each member knows what that means. Getting each task done every day is success. Learning new things is success. Being a part of the team is success. But where does the team need to go? Where is each destination? How does it tie into the company's vision?

Content - I view this as what makes a team a team? It consists of a training manual that is updated often. Policy and procedures manual along with everyday instruction. Content also consists of the things that are not written down. It is always an expectation for people to be professional. Even this needs to be explained and have the team understand the leader's definition of this.

Challenges - There will be challenges. This is simply going to happen no matter how good a team is doing. If they did not happen it would probably get a little boring. The most important thing about teams is not that they get challenges but more about how they react to these. The mindset needs to be to get challenges taken care of whether it is correcting something or reaching a goal.

Changes - There is nothing wrong with change. Yes it takes adjustment and sometimes is not easy but the more a person fights change the harder it becomes. Teams need to know that there will be changes. But I suggest that things are not changed for the sake of changing. I have seen this happen almost as if taking ownership of a team, but teams need to see the benefit or it can have ill affects.

Caring - Teams must be cared about. This is the easiest thing for a team to see if it is true or not. If they think they are not cared about there is no reason for the team to care.

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