One of the most important concerns that top level management and the human resources department have is to ensure that the workforce gets effective learning and development. This is quite essentially to continuously ensure that employees are at par with the different demands that come with the achievement of organizational goals and objects. This is why it is quite important to have a deeper understanding of learning and development so that effective programs can be designed and further developed. And indeed, there can be several kinds of learning and development programs in an organization, among them are teamwork activities and business acumen training sessions.

Teamwork and business acumen training programs are among the most common forms of learning and development efforts in any type of business organization. However, not too many businesses are able to appreciate the value that comes with developing teamwork and business acumen in the organization. And more often than not, these are the businesses that frequently fall short in living up to its mission and vision. Not to say that they fail entirely but they have lesser chances of reaping success than those organizations who have invested in developing teamwork and business acumen among its leaders and of course, the workforce.

It all starts with having a good grasp of what teamwork training is. Many of us have the notion that teamwork trainings are nothing but mere excuses to get away from the humdrum of daily work. However, there is more to teamwork development training programs than just going on a paid vacation. Teamwork can be understood as collaborative effort or simply working as team. And this obviously translates to working together to achieve a shared goal or objective. So the next time you are asked to participate in a teamwork or team building program, better grab the chance.

Another kind of learning and development program that is often overlooked comes in the form of a business acumen workshop. We might have the idea that this kind of learning and development program is only meant for those who have little understanding of key business concepts. However, business acumen training is something that we all need if we want to have a better understanding of how the whole system works and how this can spell success for the organization.

We should not neglect learning and development programs. Their contribution to the success of the organization cannot be underestimated, and they must truly be designed, implemented and reviewed effectively.

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