I was reminded this morning about the power of teamwork.
My husband Pete is heading to Ottawa, Ontario this morning for a short visit with his mom and sister. This is right on the tail of me returning from four days away with my Passion Into Profit Mastermind clients!
Yesterday as I was checking back in and he was getting ready to check out I was grateful for our ability to flow with “what is”, work as a team and transition smoothly from one thing to the next, while keeping our eyes on what’s most important to both of us: making sure our family, home and businesses are well taken care of so nothing has to suffer due to an unusually busy schedule and time away from each other.
This is one of our secrets to successfully turning our passions into profit! (Yes, we’re both self-employed, running our own businesses!)
*If only* life and business was predictable and ran smoothly at all times! *If only* we never had to rely on another person to help us and we really could do it all ourselves! I’m sure you know as I write that I have a big smile on my face because rarely is anything predictable in our crazy, beautiful lives!
If you’re willing to stretch and grow and DARE to say yes to your dreams you can be sure your boat is going to get rocked, you won’t always have the right amount of time to do something, nor will you even know exactly what to do or how to do it!
Your Passion Into Profit Assignment:
Now is the time to look at your team and systems and ask yourself: do I have people and systems that support me, make my life easier and allow me to stay on track and in my brilliant sweet spot, no matter what life throws my way? Brainstorm what you need this to look like so that as you GROW your business and UP LEVEL your life you’ll be well-supported every step of the way!

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