The brain has the ability to change and evolve itself. Even in older people, new neurons can grow. Mental decline to the brain is generally caused due to some disease, but age-related memory loss is caused by not actively using the mind. It ideally means, “Use It or Lose It.”

Recently, brain scientists and psychologists have been able to document how the brain network forms the whole mass of memory. Starting from the mother’s womb right through the advanced stages of life, the networking of the brain never ends its learning and evolving. If you observe the brain at the cellular level, you will find out how a simple mass of grey matter works and allows us to learn and grow.

One important thing to remember is to create associations and linkages to help memory in order to recall some hard data. This is the reason why mnemonics can be used to enhance the skill to remember objects for any normal human being. A person is required to recall more, by associating the things that need to be remembered with other things such as emotions, metal strikes etc.

Today, with the information technology bang and the rapid growth of the modern world, unfortunately, there is a lot of information that one needs to remember. A good way for complex communication is writing, but our brains cannot easily assimilate written information accurately.

A good technique is to code information using common images that we can reliably extract information. As these images are common, they can be easily used to extract the information that we require.

To make memory aids that are effective, we need to use our imagination. The more creatively we use our imagination to see the image, the more the chances of the image sticking in our mind for later retrieval. In mnemonics, the images we use can be comprehensible, nice, humorous, exaggerated or sensual, as long as it can help you memorize the information.

A good memory is essential for the student, the businessman, the servant – in fact for everyone in every walk of life. The sharper the memory, the more benefits can be derived. If you are wondering how to improve your memory, there are a few easy things that can be done. Not to forget, the brain is made of brain cells and neurons that are nurtured with natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals. If you are serious about improving and sharpening your memory, try these simple and healthy habits. These healthy habits enhance your brain’s ability to manage and memorize essential information:

You must have heard it repeatedly that a healthy diet comprising of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables and essential fats, can result in a lots of benefits, including the brain’s ability to recall information.

If, by association, is how the memory works, then we can apply an effective association between the two bits of data. Take an example of the bus that you need to catch at 4 PM, picture the bus in your mind and notice that it has 4 wheels - 4 wheels, 4 PM. After this association is made and it has been instilled in your memory, there is more chance to remember the time.

The thumb rule is to be creative and ingenious. There is no need of writing poems or limericks every time you need to memorize something. Just think of an image that allows you to associate with the piece of information.

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