Techniques to Get a Flat Stomach

The best way to achieve your goals of receiving a flat stomach and defined abs is through proper exercise techniques, and dieting of course. You can accomplish your goal in just a few months with just some good old effort and patience. All you need to do is find out what works for you and go with it, and then afterwards start trying out new things. You are going to learn basic ways to get the stomach you want with bit of dieting information.

Diet Information

First you need a bit of information on dieting. Your diet should consist of small portioned meals that contain low calories, low carbohydrates, lean meat, vegetables, and fruits. Some make the mistake to believe that they need to starve themselves to lose weight. That is very bad for you and will actually harm you and degenerate your body slowly. So that belief in the apple diet and other types like that should be wiped from your thoughts. Apples are very good for you, but cannot possibly supply you with the calcium and protein that your body also needs.

Exercises that Help

Running is very good for cardio and burning calories to lose weight, but it also is very good for flattening and toning the abdominal area. Jumping rope is just the same from the motion that is needed to jump the rope. Crunches and sit-ups are primary exercises that help develop the abs you seek. Crunches are where you are performing a “crunch” motion to where only your shoulders come up off the floor. Sit-ups are an exercise where your body comes fully off of the floor to where only your buttocks and feet are planted.

Start off your abdominal isolation with x40 crunches followed immediately by x10 crunches that you will hold up in place for a second then come back down and repeat. Take a quick breather then repeat those steps. Once those have been completed do x2 sets of sit-ups x25. Lay flat on your back afterwards and lift your straight outstretched legs off the floor 6 inches and hold for 30 seconds. Repeat this x3 sets taking short breaks in between while laying down.

Last for you while in this laying position are single leg crunches. Place your left palm flat on the ground while placing your right palm on the back of your head. While leaving your left palm down, pull your left leg in while bringing your right elbow to your knee. Switch position by placing right palm down, left palm to back of the head, and right knee pulled being pulled to left elbow. Repeat this crunching motion x2 sets x15 repetitions.

Stretching in Between the Sets

Be sure to do an abdominal stretch during the times that you are to take a quick break in between sets. A good one to do is by laying face down as if about to do pushups and then leaving your pelvic area and legs against the floor, push your upper body back stretching out the stomach. The reason for the stretches in between sets is because you can cramp up very easily, especially for those just beginning a fitness trend. These were all workouts that you can easily do at home on your own time. They are the basics to get you started on finding your own path on developing a more pleasant to look at stomach.

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