Mnemonics are devised for remembering long lists. With the help of a mnemonic roster list, almost any data can be memorized. All that is required to make associations is a little imagination.

With the help of the mnemonic system, even remembering numbers become easy. Depending on the kind of numbers you need to remember, you need to know some methods:

1.Short numbers

An easy yet effective technique to remember short numbers is by using a simple number/rhyme image association in a story.
This method employs a peg system wherein data is pegged to a known order of numbers such as 1 to 10 or 10 to 20 to create peg words. Using the set of peg words, you will remember any facts, as gaps in data are instantly simple hints. The method can also help to remember long lists like the names of American presidents in their right order in office. By advancing in continuing this technique, you can code lists of chemical equations for class.

A more effective method to use peg word system would be to relate numbers from the number/rhyme method into organizing with the help of the alphabet system.

2.Long numbers

Remembering long numbers can be easily done by utilizing the journey system. To make it easier, a single digit can be kept at each stop on a journey when you use the number/rhyme or the number/image techniques. Broadly speaking, the small digits can be enhanced using the stop of a majorly used system. The number/image technique and the number/rhyme technique are quite similar. This technique is very effective to remember a roster or list in the correct order. This technique can also use the peg word system. This technique helps to create pictures in the brain, wherein the digits are represented by the numbers being formed by pictures. You can then associate these objects with the number you want to remember.

By using these easy methods, you should be able to remember 100 digits with just a small effort. Advanced methods can be used to remember numbers up to 1000 digits.

3.Contact Numbers

Phone contact numbers can be remembered without difficulty by associating the number/rhyme technique with places in either the alphabet technique or the journey technique. This can be then associated with the picture of the person whose number you need to remember.

The Alphabet technique also uses peg words, but is more complex than other techniques. Compared to other techniques, it is better to remember longer list of numbers in a proper sequence, in such a way, that you can describe if any of the digits are missing. The technique works by associating images representing the alphabet letters with images that you have of the objects you want to remember.

While creating images for the letters of the alphabets, create images in a phonetic order or a sequence that can be possibly pronounced and not necessarily make sense. So, the first syllable of the word is the name of the letter. For example, you can code the number of wand with the word wand, and use the letter W instead.

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