As with common tools of the mind, the more we practice using these tools, the more we will be effective in using them. If there is no practice and effort, we cannot strive for a good memory. One does not have the time necessary to expand the memory quality, most of these methods are very helpful in day to day living.

1. Mnemonics

A much known tool used in memory improvement is mnemonics which is a method to recall information that is very difficult to remember. The broad plan in using mnemonics is to introduce hard-to-remember-information in a way that they can easily be remembered.

The brain is very complicated and it can encode and understand complex data such as colors, images, sound, taste, position and language. These stimuli are utilized in the creation of a visual picture of our world and our memories are utilized to retain these pictures.

a. Images – you can utilize a microphone to remember your friend mike or wind for Wendy. Be sure to always use positive images because the brain tends to block unpleasant images

b. Words. You can use words that start with the first letter of each word that can represent the initial of what you want to recall. For example, musicians usually remember the lines of a staff E, G, B, D, and F by remembering the words “Every good boy does fine.”

c. Acronyms. These are initials that can create words. Musicians remember the spaces in a treble staff by memorizing the word FACE.

d. Rhymes. Most of us have learned that 30 days hath September, April, June and November.

e. Humor. By providing overstated symbols to relate facts and figures can be pleasing to brain coding because it is humorous and it will be simpler to recall.

2. Roman Room System

The Roman Room System is a method used while studying a new foreign language. Words can easily be studied while seeing a town with regular things that you normally see. New nouns can be learned if you visit the town square and try to be familiarized with the counterpart of common names.

3. The Peg Word System

To remember a list in a certain sequence, the peg word system is the most effective method. However, before starting this method, you need to remember a roster list of peg words. Normally, there are two main ways to do this. Have a minute look at both of these methods, before deciding on which to use, or you can use your imagination and use both. The first method is simple and easy to use. All you have to do is memorize the words that rhyme with numbers 0 to 10.

The second method is the alphabet system, where you recall words for the numbers pegged from 0 to 99. This helps to form a relation without having to remember a difficult relation with number rhymes. Using peg words, you are sure to get the right number by using consonant and converting them to numbers. The extensive the list, the more effective as you will avoid recycling, resulting in less confusion.

The side effect is the long time for you to memorize the list. However, once you recall the peg words, you will be benefitted by the list permanently.

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