Dental care is an age old practice that has evolved through various technological advances. It is often said that dental care may be simple but is not easy. If we talk about the number of people getting affected in the US, about 26% of adults in the US suffer from some kind of oral disease. Oral diseases affect about 3.9 million people worldwide and the sheer scale of these problems is motivating scientists the world over to develop smarter technologies to combat the issue. Let us look at various advancements in the treatment of dental problems that you should be excited about.
1.Smart Electronic Devices
Gone is the era of electric toothbrushes that just cleaned your mouth, nowadays they are being fitted with devices that display a 3D model of your mouth on a mobile app. This enables you to zoom in on the problem areas, pick up signs of diseases that are about to hit you and rectify them before any major issues come up.

2.Special sensors with augmented or virtual reality
The movement restrictions in a jaw often make it difficult to get a full view of the patient’s mouth, even from the dentist’s chair. Soon this is going to be a thing of the past as special sensors are being manufactured that would enable the dentists to look in closely at the root of your dental problem. Virtual reality is being explored to reduce dental anxiety by improving patient experience. This will work by creating a model of the mouth in natural motion allowing for development of prosthetics in a more customised way.

3.Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping will quickly construct 3 dimensional models of teeth from selected materials to serve as a fully customised and individualised implant. Rapid prototyping will also dramatically lower down the cost of implants in this way and make it more affordable for the general public. Paid clinical trials are effective in suggesting user experience and efficacy of such devices. If you are looking to participate in a Paid Clinical Research Trials in Broward County, Royal Research Corp Broward locationis an reputed institution carrying out exemplar studies in dentistry.

4.Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence has several advantages over human doctors. For instance AI performs better with increasing workload as opposed to humans and it is not biased compared to humans who may judge prematurely and cause errors. AI in dentistry has application in dental radiology for treatment of osteoporosis, classification of cysts or tumors and identification of various periodontal diseases. Softwares are being trained in huge databases to recognize meaningful patterns and therefore develop powerful treatments.

Tele dentistry still in its nascent stage is being evaluated to remotely diagnose lesions and other such issues by reducing unnecessary logistical and space costs. However, problems in tele dentistry such as maintenance of confidentiality of patient data and regulatory affairs are still being mitigated.

6.Personalised Dental Machine
Predictive models are being explored to provide personalized reports on dental health. This will not only make the procedures affordable for the population but also free up time and resources for concentrating on other serious diseases. Several new frontiers can be evolved from this machine such as regenerative therapy personalised for an individual using new molecular formulations.
All such interventions require extensive research and contribution of people participating in clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of these devices. Participating in Paid Clinical Research Trials in Broward County has never been easier given that most institutions have experts on board who handhold you through the process. Remember to fully understand the details of the research before participating in one.

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