Technology has shown a great revolution from the very beginning. There have been many new inventions starting from the computer to a microchip. First people used to fear the technology and were not tech savvy. However, later on technology has contributed a lot and people have many things to learn, as it has become a user-friendly item to them.

One of the major drawbacks of this evolution of technology is that the workforce is reduced in the work sector. For example, ten people did one job earlier. However, today, one computer does the same job and that has curtailed the need of labor in many industries, alternately giving rise to unemployment. The loosing of the job is very disappointing to the workers who were working earlier. They have to look up for a different source of employment after losing the job, which they were doing.

The introduction to the use of modern cell phones has brought a great change to the world. Previously, there were no cell phones and the concept of social media, texting, games, etc. was not there at all. The introduction to these things has helped us to keep in touch with our near and dear ones. On the other hand, we have become too impatient to stay without these electronic gadgets. They have become the essence of our existence and we cannot imagine ourselves without these items. We cannot pass a single day without being online on the internet.

The market, which the technology makes, matters a lot. If the proper market is not made then you are going to lose your fortune. It is true that the type of technology and its market affairs is your fortuneteller. You must choose a proper technology that suits you the best. The marketing of that plays a vital role. Technology changes from time to time. The rate of change is faster today.

Many new things related to mobile and Information Technology is invented in a short span of time. The disadvantage is that the rapid change of technology prevents the learning of older technology. People are not able to learn the earlier one and the new one comes to the market. This happens as all are not good learners and the technology is not readily available to all at all points of time.

Technology always changes. There is always a new version in the field of technology. Starting from mobile gadgets, laptops, smart phones, record players, televisions and all electrical as well as electronic items, technology always changes and the newer form is available in the market. Therefore, if you are a retailer, you need to have sound knowledge regarding the new updates as well as the demand, which it has in the market.

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The above article is written by the writer Worris Levine and the output of his research show a new way for the revaluation of information technology and gadgets.