“Using devices in the classroom is a distraction to learning!”

“The technology opens up collaborative opportunities for my students.”

“Computers in classrooms prevent students from developing their interpersonal skills.”

“Access to the internet provides access to learning beyond the walls of the classroom.”

We’ve all, no doubt, come across a myriad of arguments, both for and against, regarding the use of technology for learning, particularly in a school environment. As a school leader, and continuing classroom practitioner, I have found myself in many conversations with staff, and parents, regarding whether technology is the bane of education, or its salvation, enabling enhanced learning. I will state at the outset that I am most definitely in favor of the potential benefits of using new technologies in the classroom. I say “new technologies” as all tools for learning are examples of technology i.e. pen and paper vs. chalk and slate etc.

I emphasize that using technology in the classroom is just another tool in a teacher’s toolkit. I believe in balance – and selecting the right tool for the job. There is a place for pen and paper, and there is a place for digital tools. The consideration as to which tool to select should, in my opinion, is based on student needs, not the teacher’s comfort zone. If a significant role of teacher is to prepare students for the lives that they will live, we are doing students a disservice to simply expose them to learning experiences from our past. Just because it suits us.

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For more details, viist: https://theknowledgereview.com/technology-schools-giving-students-voice/