I have a question about how to introduce spirituality to teens. I was a single teenage mom and now I have a teen age boy 17 and girl 15. My son is very charismatic and very "what can I get out of the world", my daughter is very compassionate, old soul and "what can I give to the world". With two very different teens how can I introduce spirituality in a way that will appeal to them, especially to my son.


The key is to try to engage them in an aspect of spirituality that is aligned with their current interests. For your daughter it might be easy to introduce meditation as a means of developing compassion and kindness. The qualities of the heart and devotion may be more appealing to her.

For your son, it may not be as simple, but insofar as he is intent upon being effective in accomplishing his goals, you can explain to him that meditation is the most powerful way to develop the strength of the mind, and that strength of mind will make him much more effective in achieving his aims in life.


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