If you have this concept in your mind that one only needs to go to a dentist in case of having to fix teeth or for dental implantation or just to apply for root canal treatment then you are greatly mistaken. Taking care of oral health can not only keep you healthy and secure but will also gift you a healthy smile.

According to the new research provided by the Academy of general dentistry, the relationship of your oral health can also be attached with heart complications like stroke and heart diseases; it has been seen in researchers that women with gum disease very often show higher incidences of preterm and low birth weight babies.

The Basic Dental Problems

Teeth Care, multispecialty Dental Clinic that provides the best cosmetic dentist in Kolkata makes sure that you have the best check-up of your oral conditions and the check-up package includes the checking of.

  • Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are one of the most common oral problems that can be found in people. Neglecting them can often lead you to something as serious as scurvy. In case you are having your gum issues you should check them up immediately.

  • Broken Teeth

Broken and scattered teeth are one of the common problems that people come with in our clinic. Teeth care performs full mouth dental implant in Kolkata through the best dentists in the profession.

  • Odorous Mouth

Having Odorous mouth can not only be unhygienic but it can also affect your professional and personal relationships. Sometimes, the regular mouthwashes cannot treat your problem and you need professional guidance to solve your issues.

Conditions that are linked with Oral Health

As discussed earlier, your bad oral health can lead to cardiovascular a disease which in long term is not only dangerous but is also something to look out for. It can also cause lung diseases, Osteoporosis and even Alzheimer’s disease. Teeth care provides full check-ups for your gums and teeth not like the normal clinics but they look for signs and symptoms of gum disease in your mouth like an explorer ventures forth a new land.

They Lookout for tissues interior of your mouth, whether there is any damage or much needed check-up which includes examining your tongue, while at the same time checking for your bite and whether things are in align. They look for visible evidences of tooth ridges, whether you have any damage teeth if there is any damaged fillings, the check for the contact between one’s teeth and whether the gaps have been widened or not through the best dentist in Kolkata.

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