The need to maintain a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. Also, regular brushing at morning and at night will check the spread of fungi from eating into your gums and root canals. A dentist Bricktown never stops emphasizing this point. These days, according to statistics, in the United States of America alone, as many as 45% of adults are either afraid to go to work every day, or missed work because of dental problems. This research is as revealing just as it is as confusing. Why? How can a country with one of the best medical industry in the world still have citizens who suffer from bad teeth? According to research, there are many reasons for this but the two most common reasons are

Lifestyle: Lifestyle habits and choices is the main reason why many people have terrible teeth. Smoking along with the consumption of alcohol ranks high as one of the topmost reasons why many suffer from dental problems.

Genetics: Then there is the issue of genetics. Some people have bad teeth and weak gums due to no fault of theirs. Such people need the urgent attention of a dentist Brick to firm up their teeth using braces or any other dental tool or treatment to give them another shot at life again.

If you are suffering from toothaches or you don’t feel comfortable with the quality of your teeth, a lot can be done about it depending on what the exact problem is.

Teeth Whitening: Many people who visit dental clinics do so because they have stains on their teeth. These stains don’t grow over night but gradually. As it grows, it covers the tooth enamel up to a point where the whiteness of the teeth is covered by tooth plaque. Plaque and ugly stains affect the quality of the teeth and general facial appearance. For such people, the dentist may recommend a tooth whitening procedure or any other necessary treatment to remove the stains and have the teeth looking white again.

Tooth Replacement: If a tooth has ben damaged beyond repair, the only option available is to have it replaced with an artificial one. An artificial tooth is called a veneer and it is made of porcelain. They have a natural appearance and when worn by the user, it is almost possible for prying eyes to spot the difference between the veneer and the other natural teeth.

Dental Fillings: If a little part of a tooth has been broken, it ca be filled with dental fillings to regain shape.

There are many treatment procedures that this article will not give us the time and space to mention. A dentist Bricktown has all the answers to common and complex dental problems plaguing the dental health of everyone. Visit one today and have whatever problem you have taken care of.

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