This is always the season, when the kids go back to school where moms have to do a lot of juggling in the family schedule. Does this have stress management written all over it? I should say so! Stress management is particularly useful and needed at this time of the year. Stress management is vital to get you and me through the first few weeks of school to get all organized and back on a schedule from the lazy, hazy days of summer.
I had called our piano teacher to see about this year’s schedule for my boys. Unfortunately, the times we had last year were not quite going to work this year. I needed to move our lessons up by 30 minutes. Just a half hour, that all, not too big of a request I thought. Well, last night my sons’ piano teacher called me back. Sorry, that time is taken. Deep breathing and self talk is a vital part of my stress management system. Stress management is a must right now. But deep breathing was not the necessary tool I needed from my Stress Management kit right then.

My Best Life Teen (BLT) goes with Brother Bear (BB) (my son with autism) to karate. BLT keeps BB on track and focus. BB does much better when he has his big brother with him. BB loves him so much and really looks up to him. We were trying BB without am aide at his side. It did work for quite some time with just the help of the assistant sensei. Trust me, this is definitely part of my stress management! Stress management comes in shapes and sizes. Sometimes it comes as a large teen age boy – also known as my angel in this circumstance. Other times I need my stress management tools for my stress management! In other words, BLT can be both one of my stress management tools or I need a stress management tool to manage him!

Self talk I did use though. The Law of Attraction, which was made very popular by “The Secret”, is something I take seriously and use frequently. I thought to myself after I spoke to our piano teacher. ‘Let’s make it so that the 4:00 piano lesson person needs to change her time and so that it is a win-win-win situation for everyone’. I had good positive feelings about it. Not negative 100 thoughts. I put it out into the universe. Left it alone and went on with my day. Knowing that it would all work out the way it is supposed to. The Secret, the Law of Attraction, is definitely in my bag of stress management. I have lots of stress management tools and use them at different times for different situations. This is why I love stress! I love using different skills and improving my life. To learn more order my DVDs that give a HUGE overview of many tools of stress management.

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I have been a RN for over 20 years with my specialty being in mental health. Shortly after entering this field, my middle son was diagnosed with Autism. I have delved greatly into the area of mental health which I discovered is my passion. I have done much in keeping current with new findings. My mission is to help empower you to live your best life possible by mentally and emotionally strong and healthy.