You might think that it’s all opinion, but there is no denying that businesses in Canada are in a tight pinch. They have a hard time promoting their businesses to customers. This fact is quite real, and something needs to be done with it. That’s the reason why many of them have turned to one of the oldest, and perhaps the most reliable, promotional services in business – telemarketing Canada.

With Canada and the rest of the world still recovering from the US financial crisis, businesses these days are constantly in search of better and more affordable means to increase their productivity. Not surprisingly, they chose the one method that is sure to succeed. Telemarketing has long been around, proving itself to be one of the reliable means in lead generation and appointment setting. That takes on a special importance in the field of B2B leads generation.

Telemarketing is one method of direct marketing. This is done when sales persons, called telemarketers, talk to prospective customers in the phone. They try to build a good relationship so that they can introduce to the listeners what products or services they have to offer. If the sales talk is good and the prospect is interested, a sale could be made on the spot. This method also has other applications, such as for surveys, public service announcements, and other tasks that require the phone.

You might have realised already that telemarketing services are not just limited to finding potential customers from private individuals. That mindset has long been gone and there are other things that telemarketing has proved its worth in performing. For example, professional telemarketers are hired to contact other businesses, inviting them to try buying from other manufacturers and convincing them that their company would need it. This would result in the production of potentially good B2B leads.

This is especially important, since B2B leads shown to be a very good means for finding new customers and partners. During these hard times, it is only natural that these people would look for others that they could trade profitably with, without the stifling restrictions imposed by the government when it’s done with private individuals. Telemarketing does all that and a whole lot more.

Aside from B2B leads, appointment settings are also performed by the telemarketers, usually by calling other businesses. They would call the firms, speak with their decision makers, and advice them on how they could benefit from the products or services that they offer. If the decision maker likes it, then a meeting could be set where a sales person would make an official call, or he could request that someone meet with him in person. This is also another benefit from using telemarketing.

Telemarketing is also much more affordable. You might say that it’s expensive compared to handing out leaflets or fliers, but if the costs are added up and compared to the results obtained, then it becomes quite clear that it’s the better choice. TV and radio can only do so much, since telemarketing is a specialized type of marketing. It directly targets prospective customers who are most likely to respond.

Personal touch is also another plus. Customers prefer to speak with a representative of the company. This is an advantage since it enables telemarketers to entertain the customers’ requests, comments, and complaints. This results to a more rapid feedback system. The firm doing business would know immediately what went wrong and in the process, will become able to address the problem quickly and efficiently. All the more reason for telemarketing services to stay and flourish in Canada.

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