Creating a topic for a teleseminar is one thing. Developing great content is something completely different. The content has to provide solutions to whatever your listeners are interested in. The following is a very simple formula for creating a hot topic AND great content.

1. Determine topic and title based on your research and any surveying you do.

2. Write one paragraph describing the course.

3. Develop 3 -7 benefits outlining what your listeners will learn.

4. Put action verbs in the benefit points.

5. Write a compelling introduction. The introduction is used to further establish your expert status and credibility. If you are not well known you need more in the opening that establishes this.

6. If listeners know you there is less of a need for mentioning awards and background in your opening. Prepare a strong close. Unless it is a paid session, most people expect there will be some type of a sale at some point during the session. You sales close should be done subtly throughout the call, not just at the end.Develop your script. A script can be very helpful to make sure you don't miss any key points you need to make during the session.

7. For many people scripting the call is a great idea; especially if you are fairly new to hosting teleseminars. One of the greatest benefits of scripting your call is to make sure you cover all the key points you intend to. The longer you have been hosting, the less you need to script. However, even if you don't plan to follow a script word for word it's a great idea to create one, again, simply to make sure you cover the key points listeners are interested in.Develop a handout or learning guide. What you give for a free call will be very different than what you give for a paid call. The paid sessions almost always has a very high quality and high content learning guide.

Follow these seven steps to assure great success with your teleseminars.

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