If there's one thing I encourage you to do before you begin offering teleseminars it's to clearly define your expertise and your market. Why? Because the more you know what your market wants and what you are qualified to offer the better. You are in an improved position to provide solutions through your teleseminars that are specific to your market's needs.

Don't assume for a moment you have to have to be the one to offer all topics to your market. You'll gain more credibility if you stick to your expertise and niche and bring in experts who are very knowledgeable in an area your customers have an interest in.

Hosting teleseminars where you feature other experts have several benefits.

1. You don't have to be all things to all people. It's impossible to do so anyway.

2. You definitely increase your creditability because you are providing the best solution to your market.

3. You are laying the foundation for future opportunities with the experts you host.

4. You can substantially increase your opt in subscribers with the right experts.

5. It takes the burden off of you to continually create teleseminar content.

The fact is, most experts are happy to be interviewed by others. However, you need to be prepared before you approach them to be your featured teleseminar expert.

It's very annoying when someone obviously hasn't done their homework before approaching an expert. Know what you are going to say, have something in writing that explains what you are doing and make sure your follow up is impeccable.

A huge benefit to the expert is gaining visibility to potential new clients. The pre-teleseminar marketing gives them even greater exposure. Additionally, you can give them the audio recording for their own marketing.

Avoid inviting an expert to join you and then expect them to help with the marketing. Especially if those who register are going on your opt in list. However, if you plan to share the list of opt ins with the expert they may be willing to help you market, but don't automatically assume they will.

Above and beyond everything, be conscientious of the fact that the more visible the expert the busier they are. Chances are you will need to handle all the details via their events manager or VA. This is standard procedure for many experts.

Adding expert sessions to your teleseminar mix is a great way to create a win/win all the way around when done right.

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