Regardless of your niche, posting on forums can be an excellent way to gain visibility for your teleseminars. It doesn't matter what market your teleseminar is for there's a forum for you!

If you're willing to find those forums and follow the following steps you will be amazed at the results.

Based on your teleseminar genre, you need to find forums which have people who would be interested in your topic. Visit blog directories such as Technorati or Blog Catalog and do a search on key words. Develop a list of potential forums.

Use the "browse" feature to locate forums that fall within your niche or that are related to your niche.

To stay organized, use a spreadsheet to keep track of what you find. Note the URL, focus of the forum, activity level, member count.

Before getting too involved in a forum, hang out for a bit to read the postings and comments to postings.

You want to make sure it's the type of forum where it will be good for you to gain visibility and one that is more than just a place for people to hang out.

If there is a lot of activity, and it looks like people are genuinely interested in asking valid questions and providing valuable information, this could be a forum from which you can gain a lot of benefit.

It's better to participate in only a few forums and gain lots of visibility, than to spread yourself too thin by participating in dozens.

One of my favorite forums is the Warrior Forum. It is the premier forum for Internet marketers.

The Warrior Forum has thousands of members and a lot of activity. However, it's not the forum for just anyone. There has to be a market match.

Again, it is very important to find forums that are specific to your market, topic, expertise and niche. It doesn't matter if your market is dog owners, baby boomers, antique car enthusiasts, or dentist, there are forums for any market. Do your research, get involved and you are on your way to excellent results with forum involvement.

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