Without a doubt, forums are a great way to promote teleseminars. When you belong to a handful of forums that are very targeted and consistent with your market with daily posting you can gain some great visibility. However, it goes beyond simply posting as a way to promote your event. The number one rule for posts that are being used as a covert marketing strategy is to add very high value with your input.

Your posts should not be blatant advertisements unless that is the format of the forum (which is rare).

Forums are a venue for people to exchange ideas, ask questions, offer insights and network.

You will realize greater success and more teleseminar opt ins when you do the following three things:

1) Build name recognition and credibility in the forums.

2) Get your signature viewed as frequently as possible. (Your sig file should drive readers back to your opt in page for a teleseminar).

3) Add extremely high value to forum members

Building name recognition and credibility is a process that happens over time. It comes from a focused effort to continually provide high-value content for the forum members.

This means that you will NOT ONLY have to post frequently, but you will also have to provide high-quality, detailed information that others can use constructively. It also means that you should avoid name-calling, complaining, bickering and anything else that will make you look less than professional.

You should also express your true opinions. Especially if you can back up your opinion with fact. However, avoid coming across as a "know it all". That can be very annoying to others who may have as much knowledge as you do.

Do what you can to contribute lots of posts that are very high quality. Do this and you are sure to become a highly respected member of the forum and gain lots of visibility.

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