If a trailer is sitting ideal, then its brake components and wheel bearing will see deteriorations. For this reason; one should ensure a proper braking service to check its condition.

Like every trailer part, brakes have a lifespan too, and when they get close to it or surpass it, then it needs to be checked properly via qualified trailer brake experts.

But, the million dollar question is - How Does One Know That Something's up with Their Trailer Brakes?Drop in braking performance… A burning smell when the trailer is being hauled - how does one recognise brake problems?

Here's a post that shares some common tell-tale signs that it's time to replace those old trailer brakes.

  • Loud Metallic Squeaking or Grinding Sounds When Trailer is in Motion

This is the commonest of signs that reveal the existing trailer brakes require replacements. As soon as the engine starts and the trailer is hauled; a high-pitched metallic squeak also starts happening. The chances are that it could be because the brake pads are worn out and are coming in contact with the rotor. This requires immediate replacements as if not, then it could damage the rotor.

The grinding sound comes due to a lot of variables. One could be that some gravel or small piece of stone is stuck in the calliper unit. The other reason could be that due to lack of servicing, the brakes require lubricating.

  • Strong Vibration, Wobbling or Scraping When Hitting the Brakes

When the rotor is uneven, it causes vibrations or strong wobbling- this is particularly when one does extreme braking such as coming down a sloping road.

With the rotor hitting one of the brake pads while it is spinning, it causes that wobbling sensation every time the brake is hit.

Contrary to this, another possible cause could be damage to the trailer brake component due to inappropriatelug nut installation.

If this is the issue, then one should make it a point to get it checked immediately with the help of licensed professionals who repair trailer brakes. Having dealt with so many faulty brakes over their tenure, they will know what to do.

  • Lessening of the Brake Response

When towing the trailer, if the brakes don't function as well as it should, then it could be a sign that the brakes are worn, or one of its parts has broken down.

It could be the calliper which has broken down, or maybe dust and moisture haveaccumulated into the brake and is causing it to not function as it should.

Ending Statement:

These are some of those common tell-tale signs which reveal that the existing trailer brake requires replacing. If one comes across any of these signs than immediately get it checked by qualified professionals.

With that, one should always choose top rated shops for purchasing quality trailer brakes in Sydney. It is the only way to guarantee quality brakes and get full value for their money.

Research properly and examine the shop's market reputation to determine their product quality.

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The author works at a trailer shop and knows a great deal about trailer brakes in Sydney. Plus the author is also a blogger and shares relevant feeds about all trailer accessories including trailer brakes to interested readers.