It is obvious that every photo hides a story in the wedding photo album and every couple love to share the stories regarding their wedding. Ekta Studio acknowledges the feeling of couples towards their special day and they understand that the moment pass would not come again. So they try to click pictures of every moment passing in your wedding day. Ekta Studio provides you with lots of funny memories in the shape of wedding albums which will be always helpful to keep you and your loved ones smiling. We believe that wedding photo album is the only way which actually realizes how your wedding day was special for you and your parents. This belief and the passion hidden in their work is making Ekta Studio best in Lucknow. Due to having huge experience in wedding photography, they have a team of best wedding photographers in Lucknow.

How can you click some creative wedding photos?

•Use of wedding venue: - You can also use the different venue for a wedding. A unique venue provides your wedding photos with different and attractive backgrounds. You can plan your wedding in the hills which makes your wedding attractive and the background you will get there will be awesome for your wedding photoshoot. You can also use different props and decorate your background according to your choice. You can also use themes to get charming pictures of your wedding album.

•Try unusual angles: - You can use your camera and photographer anyhow to try any weird angle. It is a sort of experiment with the camera but sometimes it provides you with spectacular results in the form of photos. If there is a way for your photographer to be looking down on you during the ceremony, the exchange of rings looks wonderful from above.

•Add-on themes:- You can also provide themes like Bollywood touch or Royal touch to the wedding pictures. You can also take pictures of the glamorous look of a bride. You can also use traditional royal poses to make your wedding pictures attractive and some filmy dressing style to represent the love of the couple in Bollywood film style.


So, here you can get a brief knowledge on how to capture creative and beautiful wedding photographs.

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