For some people, knowing they are in a bad relationship is as plain as day. One the other hand, some folks choose to live in denial about it, hoping against hope for a better tomorrow. One that – in reality – they know is not going to happen. And then there are yet others, who truly don’t know or aren’t sure if they are in a bad one. This article will focus on the second and third categories and let you know some of the signs that you need to look out for.

You’re Spending Less And Less Time Together
Definitely a bad sign. Now, granted, there could be situations that result in the two of you spending less time together: Work-related travel, caring for a sick relative, job hours and so on. However, if none of these situations or others like them are present and all of a sudden wham…you are spending less time with each other you may want to assess the status of your relationship and see if it’s time to call it quits or perhaps look for relationship advice.

You’re Constantly Fighting Or Arguing
This one should be a no-brainer, but it’s surprising how many people take it for granted as part and parcel of being in a relationship and choosing to carry on. Listen, every couple, even those in the best of relationships argue from time to time. But if it is becoming the norm or increasing in frequency then you need to think about finding ways to stop the feuding and bickering or ending things. This kind of relationship isn’t doing either of you a bit of good.

One Or Both Of You Start Playing The Excuse Game
Too tired to go out for dinner, not in the mood for a movie, aren’t up for a nice romantic walk, have a headache and not in the mood for sex. Whatever, if you find that there are all of a sudden excuses for not wanting to do just about anything, it’s a pretty good sign that your relationship is on shaky ground. You could, if the both of you feel it is worth it, try and find some relationship help.

There Is No Communication For Days…Or Longer
If ever there was a sign of doom for a relationship, this is definitely it, at least in most people’s minds. One of you is not answering the others calls. Not calling them or returning their messages. Disappearing for days or more at a time, with or without excuses. This is usually indicative of one partner telling the other that it’s over without doing it verbally.

Of course there are many more red flags signaling a bad relationship. If you feel that one of the above or any other applies to your situation, what is there to do? Well, first you could try talking it out with your partner. If one of you or hopefully both of you feel that the relationship is worth saving you can seek out help for relationship problems.

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, there are many places to turn to for relationship help. So before just giving up and deciding to call it quits with your significant other, hit the web and see if you can find some worthwhile relationship advice that just might save the day – relationship wise – for the both of you.

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