Executives in any field should exude professionalism because of the responsibilities they handle and because they represent a certain group. In some cases the group may be from within the organization and in some they may be the representatives of the organization to outsiders. The fact that they are required to handle such responsibilities and carry the organization forward with full commitment it is all the more required to draft the resume accordingly. The reason behind is that the resume does not remain just that it becomes more of an achievements document and it exudes your attitude towards work and your career.

Highlight in what ways you plan to contribute to the new organization on the basis of your experience till now in your previous organizations. Also mention your outstanding achievements in a way that does not show pride but your capability. Use minimum of personal pronouns and use more action oriented words to describe your job.

Resume Objective Statement

The most important thing in an executive resume template is the objective statement. It should give a strong impact and at the same time it should not be a boastful statement. In most cases one submits the resume on reference and not through some recruiting firm. This makes a huge difference and one does not really have to worry about the factor to catch the employer's attention. Your work speaks for itself.

Areas of Expertise

Next in line that follows the objective statement is the technical expertise in the field. One needs to highlight that and prove it by their accomplishments as well. Mentioning the personality traits here is equally important and it has to be done very skill-fully. The employer should see you as a tough competitor within the organization which may lead to complications, instead paint a picture of how you are more oriented towards executing your projects in time.

Facts and Figures

Mention the figures of your success or one that displays your quantum of work. For example, you lead a team of 100 people working in different departments in two cities and coordinated from one place. Here mentioning the number of employees with you or under you shows the way you can handle people as well as get the work done on time.

Professional Summary

The executive resume template gives more importance on the way you present your achievements and present your personality in the responsibilities and experience section. It is thus advisable to draft the resume with care and precision.

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