Almost every Latter Day Saint bride knows how challenging it can be to select an LDS wedding gown as their wedding day draws near. One big question that many of them have is whether they should choose a modest wedding dress or temple dresses LDS that are specifically designed for the temple ceremony.
Making the choice can truly be confusing and this is why it helps to learn more about the options you have so you the job of making a choice can become a whole lot easier. Let us take a closer look at what options we have and what their advantages and disadvantages are.

We can always choose to select a wedding dress for our special day. However, there are certain requirements that must be met if we were to wear our wedding gown for our temple ceremony. We need to keep in mind that our wedding gown must be “temple-ready” and by this we mean the dress must have long sleeves and a floor-length skirt. It must give a lot of coverage and this means no low-cut front and it should not be backless. It also cannot have a train. And of course, the wedding dress must be white.

Unfortunately, there are not too many wedding gowns that fit the aforementioned profile and in fact, wedding gowns seldom meet the abovementioned profile. So what should we do? For sleeveless gowns, we can always sleeve extensions but this can mean dealing with cumbersome sleeves and uncomfortable layers. Or you can simply buy the kind of wedding dress that you love and have it adjusted so it can be “temple-ready”. This can be an attractive option but keep in mind that adjustments do not always look perfect because you need to add some parts that were not actually there before.

Another option is to buy a wedding gown that is not necessarily “temple-ready” and then changed into it for wedding pictures outside of the temple and for the reception. However, even if you choose a wedding gown that you would only wear outside of the temple, it would still need to be a modest one - as modest as temple dresses LDS. This means you will still need to avoid gowns that are very love-cut.

To make our lives simpler, we can always look for a modest wedding dress. Modest wedding dresses are quite “temple-ready” and would eliminate the need to make adjustments or the need to prepare a second wedding dress. A modest wedding dress will not pose any issue when it comes to temple ceremony. It can also be worn for pictures to be taken outside of the temple and during the reception.

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A modest wedding dress is a new way to save for your big day but still have the wedding you dreamed of. Also for a temple dresses lds there are many great options.