There are lots of speculations about an online number for SMS. Some say that they are not worth buying, while others believe that they are of significant importance. To clarify the issue once and for all, we compiled a few of the important facts about temporary SMS numbers. You might be surprised when you learn about it.

The Internet offers vast information to every individual regardless of status. Online courses, special offers, discounted prices, free e-books, subscriptions, downloading of files, etc. Name it, you have it on the World Wide Web. And as you go along with the registration form, you’ll notice that most of the websites require your phone number. It is their way of confirming that you are indeed a real human being and not just another “robot”. Once you hit the “Subscribe” button or any other call-to-action (CTA) button, they will immediately send you a confirmation code that you must verify for them to be certain that it is the real “you.”

Though it seems that there is no problem in doing this, the fact that your personal details are now exposed to the public puts you at risk. Unless of course, if you are looking for spam calls, or calls at all times day and night, spam messages, and complete lack of privacy since your personal number exposes a lot of personal information about you – and there are still more than what you think.

What is a temporary number for SMS?

Also known as SMS phone number online, a temporary number for SMS is a virtual number with SMS-capability. It means that they can be used temporarily. Temporary SMS numbers are available for purchase through your service provider like Hottelecom. The good thing about an SMS virtual phone number is that you have total control over it. Though they are said to be usable for a certain period, you still have the option of using them in a long-term situation.

What are the uses of temporary SMS numbers?

If you believe that an SMS online number is not worthy of buying, then listed below will change how you perceive an SMS phone number online.

1. Meeting up with someone you have known only online

Using a temporary number for SMS when dating someone online is probably one of the smartest ways you would ever do. Some reports show female users on dating apps were being harassed continuously by someone and would contact them always even if they already told them that they were not interested. In fairness to online dating apps, they provide safety measures between potential pairs, but for you to be totally safe, there’s nothing beat using temporary SMS numbers.

2. Buying or selling through online platforms

Online transactions such as buying and selling are common things nowadays, especially in our current pandemic situation. However, it is not a smart move of giving out your real phone number since this will only put your privacy at risk, even if your online transaction has already been fulfilled.

Always use a temporary number when making a transaction over the Internet. Doing this will ensure that your personal details remain private, and it will also discourage future contact.

3. Working with an online project if you are a freelancer

Most probably, you are taking numerous tasks from your clients over time. And most probably again, some of them are one-off clients, which means that they have one-time-only projects for you. These types of projects are usually short-term basis. You might want to avoid receiving follow-up calls after these projects are finished to avoid cluttering your contacts.

Also, did you know that an online number for SMS is not only designed for one-time use? If you have long-term clients, you can choose to utilize your SMS online number for seamless communication with your customers or clients and then dispose of it once everything’s done.

4. Signing up for new websites?

If you are like most people who are fond of signing up on the Internet such as websites, apps, and services, you have to think twice if it is totally safe to use your real phone number. Any time you share your number, remember that you are prone to the risk of handing them over to the wrong hands and later being flooded by spam messages and calls. We highly recommend that you use a temporary phone number. SMS can still be received in this type of number just like your SIM card number. You can visit our website to learn how you can completely protect your personal details.

The best thing with virtual numbers, SMS is restricted only on them. Thus, avoiding spam

messages or robot messages receiving at your end. After signing up, you can terminate the usage of a temporary number to avoid further messages from unknown sources.

Listed above are just a few of the numerous advantages that you can get from temporary SMS numbers. But the point here is how you protect your privacy from being invaded by hackers and spammers.

If you have an existing website or you are building one for your business, you should not put contact numbers that are not specifically reserved for your business website. As mentioned here already, doing so will put your privacy at risk.

Final words

If you need a temporary SMS number, we’ve got you covered. All you have to do is visit our website at and send a message to us. Or if you prefer, you can call us at our available contact numbers. Our team of Tech Specialists is experts in cloud-based telephony systems and they are willing to assist and even walk you through the different processes of virtual communication technology.

Hottelecom is one of the most trusted and reliable service providers in the market today. Customers choose because of the wide range of advantages that they can get. If you need help or if you want to ask questions about virtual numbers, don’t hesitate to reach to us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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