1. Sleep Enough
High quality sleep is very important! Studies show that less sleep is a very common factor of accident, unhappy and depression. People get many kinds of sleep due to many actions. Such as some beers, watch films. Do sports is better choice because it can help us relief pressure and sleep easily.
2. Go down to the woods
It is obvious that go out of the room is useful. Even though walking, running or just stay there. Go to the trees has been related to make better overall state.
3. Reduce time of cooking so as to enrich nutrients
Cooking green foods quickly as possible, this can let you save fuel and enrich the food nutrients. It is commonly thought that boiling for a long time rush away many nutrients of the vegetable. Steaming or microwaving will make the time shortest. Besides, frozen vegetables tend to keep their nutrients better than fresh.
4. Chilling out
A recent report reveals that focusing on the significance of "now" or taking up a hobby can help to keep you mentally balanced in turbulent times. Some people recognize that say nothing helps a lot. For example, sit down, let legs stay there and no move, sit up, let arms stay there and no move, place hands in a certain place, close the eyes, then hear the breathing sounds, stop.
5. Kick the bad habits
Smoking costs a lot. Though there is not strong evidence. Keep away from smoking is a right choice. Nice suggestion does favor you very much. Allen Carr and Paul Mckenna stated this comment in their books, and it is convincing
6. Away from toxic substances
A lot of chemicals we consume are harmful to health. Such as alcohol. Though we have a powerful liver, they have a limit.
7. Walk a dog
Combining the therapeutic effect and benefits of walking, raise a dog is a five star choice.
8. Get a cheap gym membership
Local authority equipment is better than private ones. Especially if you go there less than four times a week. If you are thinking about buy yourself, remember to shop around.
9. Let your tooth in healthy state
The best way to keep teeth health is to stop bacteria flourishing. Remove them in many times physically. You can also starve them and resolve completely. Sugar is their food which turns to tooth-rotting acid. Chewing gum will increase the saliva and clear the sugar. It is very important that sugar-free sweets help reduce children's mouth bacteria, please remember to check with them before give to your children.
10. Take some nutritious food
Yes, oranges, strawberry, Pomegranates and so on. They help you keep healthy easily. You can get all the nutrients you need by eating five portions of fruit and veg, starchy foods, two portions of oily fish a week and go easy on the meat.

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