Doctors around pushing patients to lower their cholesterol with drugs and with a view of the key role that cholesterol plays in maintaining good health. You have to keep your cholesterol levels to a good level, but we also have our own cholesterol to keep us healthy. Take these 10 things with your doctor the next time he talks about his cholesterol test with you.

I, and I think he appreciated my interest in their own health. He listens to me and he kept me check and see that I'm doing a very good job of reducing your cholesterol and keep yourself healthy, drug-free. I flat refuse to take statin product. I Omega Q Plus, which is fish oil.

Read this list, learn, and then take steps to research your health problems.

* Our liver, brain, and almost every cell in our body the raw material from cholesterol. Enzymes convert the raw material into vitamin D, steroid hormones, stress hormones, estrogen hormone progesterone hormone, testosterone hormones and bile salts needed to digest and absorb fat.

* Our body makes cholesterol, as needed. Our body makes 85% of our body cholesterol levels, while the rest comes from food. Our body will produce cholesterol we need, when we can not get it in our diet.

* You can have a different cholesterol several times a day, depending on what you eat and how much benefit you will get.

* Our cholesterol tends to go in the winter because we get to use less in the summer because we get more exercise. Exercise helps control your cholesterol, along with a good dose of fish oil.

* When we have surgery, infection, mental stress or suffering from a heart attack, he shoots his cholesterol. Increasing cholesterol is a healing agent, it is necessary to help build new cells, and this is where the treatment is. The environmental impact of materials and toxins will make your cholesterol rise or fall.

* Our cholesterol goes up for a reason, so when our cholesterol level is high, but we did not write the recipe to reduce your cholesterol, your doctor must find out why he is great. If the cause is high cholesterol successfully resolved, usually just come down.

* Toxic chemicals, pathogens, free radicals and inflammatory substances are substances which are at the end of our blood and cause razor thin lining inside our blood vessels. When this happens, the liver takes over and sends the MTL area to make repairs. After the healing process is complete, the spent LDL particles transported back to the liver, HDL and eliminated from the body.

* Some herbs, antioxidants, and nutraceuticals to reduce your cholesterol, it neutralizes harmful agents that cause damage to our arterial lining. It is thus not the product of many cholesterol. The supplements that we take to support other biochemical processes, heals wounds.

* Our brain consists of about one-quarter of the cholesterol we need. Fatty myelin sheath that about 20 per cent. Coat each nerve cells and fibers made from cholesterol. Our neural function depends on cholesterol. Studies have shown that lowering cholesterol levels in the blood are associated with poorer cognitive performance.

* Studies show that doctors should be very careful about the administration of statin drugs for older people, especially those who are weak. Weak individuals become weaker and more prone to infections after taking a statin products. Very young have their cholesterol, they should not be placed on statin product.

Young people can not tell when they are doing the side effect of these statin products, they do not understand what causes it. Than do older people. They just accept as being half gets old. It is amazing how fast you can go down the hill and told that you have arthritis or that it has to do with age. I tell my doctor if he says that it has to do with age, I do not think I want the problem checked out and diagnosed.

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