You already know that Vitamin A is a must-have in your system. You are aware of the benefits of Vitamin A and what could happen if your body does not have enough of it. What you need to know next is which particular food items have the most Vitamin A in them so you can start reaching out for healthier options while at the grocery.

Two Groups of Vitamin A

The best way to look at food options as best sources for vitamin A are to divide them into two groups: pre-formed Vitamin A is the first group, and the second group is pro-vitamin A. Both groups are very important, so one should not think that one particular group is better or more important than the other. It is only a basis for classifying. For the first group, you have pre-formed Vitamin A rich food which is mainly of the organic kind. At the top of this subset of vitamin A food sources would be organic beef liver and organic lamb liver. These two are then followed by organic eggs then organic butter and finally, cod liver oil. The stress on organic is well-intended, for it is only through organic sources that you can be sure you are getting the right amount of pre-formed Vitamin A. You do not have to worry about sourcing, because most groceries and supermarkets are now stocking up on organic foods at competitive prices. If you are picky with your choices and put a premium on products, then your best bet would be at an organic food store. When you buy organic beef liver and organic lamb liver, it is advised that you only get enough for the day’s meal to ensure its freshness.

Other Sources of Vitamin A-rich foods

The second subset of Vitamin A rich foods is what you call pro-vitamin A or otherwise known as carotenoids. This particular group of foods is not as hard to source compared to the first group. Your neighbourhood supermarket will have these in ready and abundant stocks. Leading in the list of provitamin A-rich foods include sweet potatoes and yams followed by spinach, cantaloupe, carrots and butternut squash. As you probably observe, the second group is the one that is favoured by vegetarians given that there are no meat sources for the items here. You can easily buy these food items in the grocery, but as always it is best to get them fresh. Always go for fresh rather than canned or ready to eat variety because those might have nutritional compromises due to packaging.

If you can, try to visit grocer’s markets to source these Vitamin A-rich foods. Supermarkets are great and are very convenient, but if you want to get the freshest of them all then a grocer’s market is your best choice. You will find that the assortment of meats and vegetables for sale here are competitively priced and perhaps the freshest of all. Now that you know what food items are high in Vitamin A, it is time to edit your grocery list for the better!

Author's Bio: 

George Peterson is working as a nutrition expert for more than 6 years. During his career, he discovered a lot about the enormous benefits of vitamin A (in Denmark, where he lives, the term is A vitamin fordele).