It is less for the birthday of the little girl in the house and as we are going on vacation, I prefer to leave everything ready for later, that August we all know that the stores (especially online) work at medium gas.

At the moment I already have the set and the crown for the photo session, the balloons, and the decoration.
Today, to help the family a little to choose the gifts, I have made a selection of gift ideas, well, in fact, there are two, one of five useful items and another of five educational toys.

1 clothes I don't need to tell you that clothes are a good gift for any age. Of course, as a mother's advice of four, take advantage of the trust you have with parents and ask the size if they want it for now or next season or if they need something in particular. Another good idea is the gift cards with the amount you decide and so they will buy something necessary.You can also select 1st birthday onesie for you baby.

2 Children's backpack. From the year on you will not need to carry so many things when you go out with the baby, or if you already start to go out for a while without the stroller, you probably do not carry your diaper bag. So a backpack is really useful, and if the nursery will also start, even more.

3 Pacifiers and dummy holders for the little ones. I know that by now you probably already have, but in recent days I have seen myself with the need to buy more. Not to hook the pacifier because the girl does not use it, but to hook the cup of water, the teether, the various toys she wants to take ... and not lose them if she throws them on the floor and I don't realize.

4 gowns for school. In the market, there are very nice and even customizable gowns, but although the child does not go to the nursery, in my house, they are not lacking. From the year on, if you don't do Baby Led Weaning, the baby will surely want to start eating alone and they also come great to make paintings, cook.

5 Children's crockery. Continuing with the previous gift, another basic is the children's dishes. The baby will want to eat on his plate and with his dishes, we will prevent him from breaking ours.

As for educational toys, these are my proposals:

6 Rainbow Waldorf. You know that I am a fan of the wooden rainbow of the Waldorf pedagogy. So the small or medium model is a perfect gift for a one-year-old baby.

7 Puzzle A simple wooden puzzle is perfect to differentiate, identify and fit each shape in its place and helps develop the baby's viso-spatial intelligence.

8 Game for sand. Here I don't need to tell you that any child likes to play with the sand. A set of buckets and shovels of small size will accompany you at all exits to the park or beach.

9 Labyrinth of psychomotor skills. These types of toys, apparently simple, are capable of entertaining children for a long time. They are indicated to stimulate the manual coordination of babies by taking each piece of wood to one end of the wire to the other. Conducting each piece through the wire helps to exercise manual ability and viso-motor coordination by exercising fine motor skills, so important in its first years of life.

10 Tale Chicken Pepe + stuffed pet. It is a story that all children like, or at least, I do not know anyone who has not captivated. It is a story with deployable that capture your attention next to the stuffed chicken that comes with the briefcase.

I hope these ideas will help you face your child's first birthday or if you need to make a first birthday gift.

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